Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Gittin' My Hairs Did All Fancy-like

When a Redken PR rep contacted me in early October about their new Chromatics prismatic permanent color, I just kinda "blah blah blah-ed" my way through the e-mail like I usually do for most of the PR pitches I receive in my inbox on a daily basis.  But this time, there was GOOD STUFF included, you guys!  Specifically the line, "We'd like to invite you to experience this color service first hand."

Who, me?

So I casually responded that sure, I'd love to have my hair COMPLIMENTARILY COLORED IN A SALON ON NEWBURY STREET IN BOSTON.  No biggie.

And even better?

They're throwing in a free haircut as well.

Holy schnikes.

Shit's about to git real.

I mean, I hardly need the color.  I love my stray wiry white hairs that are the texture of pubes.  Love them.

 Hair in photo is whiter than it appears.  Trust.

And I love my bland hair style that I normally wear in a ponytail (no time) or blow-dried straight (a little bit of time) or blow-dried straight and then flat-ironed (wayyyy too much time).  Ponytails are hip, right?

So anyway, I'm off to Jean-Pierre Salon on Newbury Street in Boston tonight (for all you non-locals, Newbury Street is the fanceeeeee section of shops downtown) where I will be receiving my Redken Chromatics breakthrough professional haircolor (and cut)!

I'm excited.  And nervous.  And trying to decide if I want lots of length cut off, or just a trim?  Do I want real bangs, sideswept long bangs, or no bangs like I have now?  Do I want more layers?  Because more layers means more work.

You know whose hair I love?  Natalie Morales.

Should I go for it?  (Both the cut AND color like hers?)

Stay tuned!

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Heather said...

It will be fun/crazy to be in downtown Boston on election night. I was actually getting my hair cut (not on Newbury st- it was definitely off Newbury st) on the 1996 election night.

It was the Clinton/Dole election. I actually had to look that up because I had no idea. Anyway it was very exciting downtown with all the politicos and protestors and sign carriers.

But then again I was 23, small town girl in the big city, single, in downtown Boston getting my hair cut and found it all to be exciting.

So it might all be the perspective...

Can't wait to see the cut and color.

Go big or go home, I say.


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