Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

When my friend Jennifer did a post about old Halloween costumes, I realized that I too actually have photographic evidence of many years of trick-or-treating in the Trenches.

You guys, I love Halloween.  I love adult Halloween parties, though we sadly attended ZERO this year.  I love fall festive decorations.  I love seeing all the costumes.  (However, I don't love when children ring my doorbell and DON'T say "trick or treat".  I totally make them say it first.)

I don't love blood or zombies or ghouls or goblins or anything scary though.  Ironically enough, 2 of my 3 children are dressing as scary creatures for this year's Halloween.  Here's a sneak peek:

*sigh*  Gone are the days where I could carefully pick out their costumes on my own.  Dressing them warmly and cutely for everyone to ooooh and aaaah over.  And always recycling those old costumes!

It was certainly a good run:

Halloween '05 - Elmo, a dinosaur, Harry Potter (my Niece) and Thomas the Tank Engine

Halloween '06 - a bumblebee, Captain Hook and Thomas the Tank Engine (reprised)

Halloween '07 - a detective, a cop, Captain Hook (reprised) and Peter Pan

Halloween '08 - a football player, a skunk and a monkey

Halloween '09 - a baseball player, a football player and Captain Hook (reprised AGAIN)

 Halloween '10 - Black Spidey, original Spidey, and a hockey player

Halloween '11 - a cop (reprised) and a crook (And without a certain 10-year old who took the year off.)

And who could forget the Halloween Costume Contest Winners of 2008?

 John McCain and Sarah Palin


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Angella said...

Love it! I do a post every year of the costumes over the years, too.


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