Friday, October 05, 2012

Eleven Years Old

He is everything I rushed him to be. 

Moms, ponder that line for a moment...

Ooof, doesn't it hit you right in the gut?

I got the quote from a post of Linda's on All and Sundry. It rings so true, especially today.

On his eleventh birthday:

 Easiest baby ever.

Holy white blonde hair!

Thumbs up dude!

First day of preschool

First trip to Fenway

A glimpse ahead to senior portraits (OMG, hold me)

 Our Eldest

Buddy, you made me a Momma.  You will always and forevermore hold a special place in my heart.  Daddy and I especially "get" you, since we are both firstborns as well.

You are a rule-follower.  A Rainman when it comes to sports stats and movie quotes (especially Forrest Gump and Tommy Boy).  Driven.  Competitive.  A leader.  Sarcastic.  Sweet.  A hugger.  A hand-holder. 

He is everything I rushed him to be....

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