Friday, September 14, 2012

The Doing and Not Doing Challenge - Week 3

14 days have come and gone kiddos!  How are we all doing?

This week BLEW for me.

I already know that my biggest challenge when it comes to dieting is my (lack of ) portion control.  My "Doing" goal this week was to ONLY eat one portion at mealtimes and to not mindlessly eat more and more andmoreandmoreandmore.

Epic fail.

It doesn't help matters that we're in the middle of football season and are lucky to sit down and have a meal together as a family maybe 1-2 times a week.  The rest of the time?  It's fend for yourself.  Actually it's more like Mom as Short Order Cook.

And so I nibble here, nibble there.  Which adds up.

As a bonus bitch slap to my psyche?  I weighed myself today.  For the first time in MANY MANY months.

Denial?  Is my BFF.

But it's kinda time to face the facts:

1.  I am rapidly approaching 40.
2.  My metabolism is slowing down.
3.  I don't feel good.
4.  I don't look good.
5.  I need to get serious about making changes.

And so, for this Week 3, here are my Doing/Not Doing Goals:

Doing:  Seriously getting back on track with my previous week's goals:  Exercising 30 minutes a day and only eating one plate of food at mealtimes.  Doing both those things.  All week.

Not Doing:  *sob*  I am hereby stating for the record that I will not be playing Words With Friends anymore.  I will remove it from my iPhone and will instead, in the time that I usually waste playing Words With Friends, perhaps do some pushups and situps....nah, probably not that.  But I will have to find something more constructive to do!  Like play SongPop!

What are you Doing/Not Doing for Week 3 (Sept 15 - Sept 21)

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