Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pals, Pulls, and Primal

Lately, I've had this eye twitch in my left eye.  (LOVELY, I know.  And HARDLY distracting.)  I attributed it to stress and general dissatisfaction.

After this past weekend though, my eye twitching ceased.

Apparently, I just needed 24 hours with my gals.

We arrived on the Cape, in quaint Osterville, MA, on Friday evening.  A rainbow greeted us.

It was vividly gorgeous.

The four of us found ourselves simply catching up.  Kvetching.  Sharing.  Sympathizing.  Oh, and drinking.

Dinner was a last-minute walk downtown for seafood and (more) drinks.

This *may* have happened.

Then it was back to the cottage for comfy clothes and drinking and chatting until 2am.

Perfect girl time.

Needless to say, Saturday was a lazy morning.  2 of us were upright fairly early.  The other 2 were not prone for awhile.

Trying the Reboot hangover cure - sold at Whole Foods.

Then there was breakfast; then relaxing; then lunch; then shopping; then more shopping; then dinner.

And by the time I arrived back to my Trenches late Saturday night?

My eye twitch was gone.  And all was well with the world.  UNTIL...


Our second soccer game was Monday night.  Within the first four minutes of playing, I had to take myself out of the game.  A pulled right quadricep muscle.  Pretty much from the top of my knee to the top of my thigh.   

I'm embarrassed at my lack of strength and fitness.  I feel like an old lady!

Ice, Advil and shuffling.  Dragging my dead leg behind me.  It ain't pretty. *sigh*


While away on Friday night, I chatted with my girlfriend about my (lack of) dieting.  In years past, the only thing that reallyreallyreally worked for me was the Atkins diet.  (It was the late 90's.) (It was right before my wedding.)  (I was single and had plenty of time to exercise.)  (I hadn't yet had 3 c-sections.)  (Obvs.)

So I'm trying it again.  Except now, the Atkins diet is soooo old-school.  The current trend is called "paleo" or "primal".  Except, damn, I'm not cutting out cheese!  But I am cutting out starches, sugar (except for whatever is in my beloved Coke Zero--methinks it's probably unicorns and rainbows and YUM), and most carbs.  I'm focusing on eating salads, proteins and vegetables instead.
And breakfast.  Yummmmy breakfast.
I'm bummed that I can't really exercise right now, but I need to heal my thigh muscle first.   

I'm bummed that I pulled a muscle in the first place.

I'm bummed that I seriously need to evaluate my diet because I've let myself go to the point where I am now uncomfortable in my (fat) skin.

But hey!  No eye twitch!

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amanda said...

that rainbow is amazeballs!

sorry bout the eye twitch - i have that too. boo.

and sorry bout the muscle...this is why i don't believe in soccer. let alone running.


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