Friday, September 07, 2012

Doing and Not Doing - Week 2

So, I think I'm onto something here.  It definitely seems like the overwhelming feeling of "I should do betters" that we women stress about and beat ourselves up over is sooooo much easier to handle when broken down into small and attainable goals.

DUH, right?

Thus begins Week 2 of my Doing and Not Doing Challenge.  (Can we just shorten it to the DND Challenge, please and thank you?)

How was YOUR Week 1?

Mine was actually solid!  I removed Solitaire Blitz from my Facebook page on Saturday, September 1, and that was it.  No more.

As for the "Doing" aspect, I assigned myself the task of 30 minutes of exercise per day.  And I did it!  5 of the days I rode the stationary bike (while watching VEEP on HBO--my new fave show!), and 2 of the days I went for a 30 minute run.

On to Week 2!

Not Doing:  Buh-bye to Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  Are you sensing a theme?  Yep, I waste way too much time playing stupid games.  Precious time that could be spent being a bit more productive.

Doing:  In all honesty, I was going to cop-out and do something simple and notsomuch challenging.  Like drinking 64oz. of water a day.  Or adding pushups and situps to my cardio.

But I need to suck it up.  And hit myself where it hurts.  In mah belly!

Doing:  Only eating 1 PORTION at mealtimes.

You guys, this one's gonna be tough...(*typed between bites of my SECOND SLICE of pizza*)

We don't need a family pet for our scraps, for I am the plate-cleaner.  I eat my meal, and then I finish up everyone else's leftovers.  Mindlessly.  Each and every time.

Hubby and the boyz call me The Vacuum.  It's so not funny.

No longer will I eat, and then eat some more.  I will finish my plate, and then BE DONE.

It's gonna be a looooong week, this Week 2.

How about you?  What is your Doing/Not Doing goal for this week?  (September 8 - 14)

1 comment:

Serenityville said...

Ok I'll play.

accepting I'm not perfect
eating 3 meals a day

Not doing:
thinking I need to be better all the time
Shopping....oh lordy help me. Can I make it a full week??


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