Friday, August 24, 2012

The Honeymoon Phase of Parenting

While on our Cape Cod vacation this year, all of the adults (there were 4 married couples) couldn't stop remarking, over and over again, about how EASY all the kids were (there were 10 children - ranging in ages from 7 to 12).

We have all been vacationing together now (in our huDge group of 18) for the past 3 years, but have been schlepping to the Cape with one of the other couples since 2006.

That's a LOT of schlepping.

Does anybody else remember the opening sequence to that *award-winning* comedy show, Yes Dear?  And how it showed the couples totally overloaded with beach crap trying to cross the street to get to the beach?
Yeah.  That.

We spent ohhhh, about SIX YEARS OF OUR BEACH LIVES doing that.  The double jog stroller, the pack and play, the wagon, the booster seats, the sand toys, the swim diapers, the baby food, the...

Oh. My. God. 

I remember that we actually had to use BUNGEE CORDS to keep all the crap contained in the wagon, including the children.

AND THEN once we got to the beach?  It was keeping sand out of mouths, it was keeping babies out of water; it was chasing babies, it was feeding babies, it was chasing toddlers, it was feeding toddlers, it was changing sandy poopy diapers, it was trying to make a baby sleep in the stroller on the beach, it was trying to make a toddler sleep on a towel on the beach, it was...

Damn.  It was exhausting.

Vacation?  What vacation?

But now?  Oh gloriously now...

You guys.  My children are self-sufficient. They carry their own crap to the beach.  They play amongst themselves.  They feed themselves.  They can go in the water (with a buddy) without me.  There are no soggy disgusting swim diapers.  There is no sand in the mouths.  I do not have to sit MY ass in the sand and build sand castles.

This is such a sweet place to be in life.

We made it through all the hard baby years, which for us, stretched on indeterminately with 2 children born within 12-1/2 months.

We made it!

The Terrible Twos.

The Tortuous Threes.

The Frustrating Fours.

And now we are here.  

With Eldest about to turn 11 in the fall, we are still (hopefully) a few years away from teen-dom.  (Please do not burst my bubble.  Just let me think that it's still a few years away, m'kay?)  A few years away from hormones and acne and body odor and girls and cell phones and texting and bigger grocery bills and sex talks...

Oh. My. God. 

Can I please stop the passage of time?  Puh-leeze?!

I'm loving this honeymoon phase of parenting.  They still hold my hand.  Snuggle.  And call me Mommy.  And all without me having to wipe ANY LITTLE BOY BUTTS.

Hey, I'll take it while I can.


amanda said...

we love that show and watch it way too much.

yay for not having to wipe any boy butts!!

Rita/Fighting off Frumpy said...

That's awesome, and I am totally jealous! I was just saying the other day I can't wait until my kids are completely self-sufficient. Only like six more years to go ... *sigh*

Mollie@Kitchen organizers said...

I have 3 kids and they can handle themselves very well when it comes to small things but of course they still in my supervision.
The feeling is great for me, I can do what i want without worrying if they poo or pee.

Amy said...

This made me day I will be in your shoes. We're about to go to the beach in 2 weeks with our 4, 2.5 and 6 month old........there will be so much to schlep, but it will be fun! Can't wait, though, til they are in the age range your kids are in. But, I love this time too! I don't want to wish it away yet!


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