Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Everything I Need to Know I Learned on Vacation

While a vacation is most often the best time to rest one's body and soul, who knew that the mind could be soooo stimulated during this time!  I erroneously thought that all of our vacationing brains would be in "OFF" mode - not thinking, not learning, just basically getting pickled rested.  Well, I was wrong!

Here's all that was learned on our Cape Cod 2012 vacation:

1.  That children sometimes get over a tough loss faster than the coach.  This pic was taken shortly after we arrived at our Cape house (on Sunday night.) (In the worst best case scenario, they lost their first 2 games and were eliminated. Holla!)  Eldest had obviously moved on, showered, changed and was ready for VACATION!  Hubby, on the other hand?  Notsomuch.  He, uh, wallowed for a bit.

 2.  Anatomy.  Specifically, a mermaid's anatomy.

3.  That if you tell children to not get wet because we are going to dinner...
...that they will immediately get soaked.  (A lesson in oceanography.  And a lesson to always pack spare clothing.)

4.  That even though they had been playing baseball since April and the season was finally over for ALL OF THEM, that boys will never tire of the game.

 5.  That sitting on the beach everyday makes one VERY THIRSTY.  Who knew?!

6.  We learned that one of the best beach days could be one where there's no sun.

7.  That children learn...
from their parents.  (Lesson:  practice those poker faces, kids!)

8.  That while the thought of a pyramid seems to be a great idea for pictures...
it isn't.  (Lesson?  Physics.)

9.  That it takes about 147 shots to get one decent one of 10 children, ages 7-12. 

10.  That summer reading can be fun!

11.  We learned LOTS about oenology, of course. With a related lesson in headaches.

12.  That this drink combination is spectacularly creamsicle-delicious.  Again, with a related lesson in headaches.

13.  And finally, we learned that friendships...

 ...and memory-making...and (lots of) laughter...

 ...and spending time with our children and families as a collective unit...

is something that is very important to all of us.

Here's to Cape Cod 2013!


Shell said...

It looks like you had a great time!

The beach chairs pics are hilarious said...

This looks like the best vacations ever, and VERY educating! I loved the similar pictures around the table - SO funny!


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