Monday, August 06, 2012


The writing?  It eludes me lately.

So much (that I want) to say, but so little that I can actually put out there on the interwebz.

Hence, my dilemma.

But the family?  Is good.

The boyz?  Excellent.  Busy with football every night; (mostly) behaving for the babysitter during the day; eager to go back-to-school shopping.

The Hubby?  Overworked; coaching football; sore shoulder (it's now worse since he had the surgery), but good.

Me?  Meh.  I'm in a funk.  I haven't done any exercise since before vacation.  I feel fat and gross and not myself.  Today was the first day I set my alarm for the ass crack o' dawn and made myself get out there and run.  It felt hard, but good.  (That's what she said.)

So, in conclusion:

The job?  In turmoil.

The fall and back-to-school?  In turmoil.  (Still don't have childcare for after school.)

Football?  Utterly time consuming with 3 boyz playing on 3 different teams and a husband coaching and me being Pop Warner treasurer.

The diet and exercise?  Nonexistent, but getting back on track TODAY.

The extended family?  Good.  My Sis and my Niece just moved to Cambridge, MA.  Closer to us!  My youngest brother just got engaged!  My parents are both retired!

I'm thinking that once I start regularly working out and eating (way, way, way) less junk and processed foods, that my mood will lift and that with patience and time, things will work themselves out.



msgfromdeb said...

It's all uphill from here! Hang in there.... xoxo

amanda said...

i joined a gym yesterday honey. and now i want to do a cleanse. and quit dairy. ask me how well that's all going to go.


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