Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Sorry for the radio silence.

Things have been a bit "off" lately.  Thus, the title of this post.

Where shall I begin?

I am uncomfortable career-wise.  Changes within my department have been made, and not for the better (in my opinion), with still more to come.  So the great job I've been holding for almost 3 years has morphed into something (way) less satisfactory, something (way) more political.  Needless to say, I'm highly discouraged.

I am uncomfortable in my own skin.  Running has taken a backseat to wine and chocolate and every carb on the planet everyday life.  The more weight I gain, the worse I feel, so the more I eat.  It's a horrid, vicious cycle.  But totally fixable.  I know this.  I just need to commit.

I am uncomfortable with the state of my Trenches.  Always Mostly surface-clean, but never deep-clean.  The ceiling in our master bathroom needs to be majorly scrubbed.  Because yeah, I have time to do that.  And the windows?  Let's just say that I'm amazed they still allow light to shine in, they are that in need of cleaning.

I am uncomfortable with how little time we've spent together as a family this summer.  Seems like It's a fact that Hubby and Eldest are always together at baseball, and I'm with Middle and Baby.  Know what would solve that problem?  A FULL WEEK OF FAMILY VACATION!  But yet again, it looks like I will be heading solo to the Cape with the 2 little boys and Hubby and Eldest will perhaps join us at some point, depending on how their team performs at the New England Regionals.

I am uncomfortable with drama.  Whether it's regarding my career, my role as the head baseball coach's wife, my friendships, my position on the football board, or blog politics, I need to tread lightly.  Keep my opinions on the down-low.  Act neutral.  Smile and nod.  It's just so much easier that way. 

And actually, I'm uncomfortable with complaining.  So I'll stop and leave you with this funny.  My boyz love Mad Libs so this one actually made me crack a smile:

Here's to a better August, right?


Ashley said...

Oh Sarah, I totally get almost all this. The running (or non running) and weight gain, the treading lightly to avoid drama (i am opinionated), the never really clean house (dude you should see my cabinets and closets). Its cool though. I am a firm believer that back to school solves all problems. At least mine.

Heather said...

Yes to everything.

My job is crap right now - just had a three hour meeting today to discuss our corporate restructuring - which in the end screws me over.

My house is disgusting. The cleaning lady came today, but honestly it is pretty much even beyond her at this point.

I literally met my husband and son in the driveway as they left to go to a practice.

I am leaving in 10 minutes for a meeting for a volunteer position that supposedly I do for my children, but will result in me being away from home three evenings this week.

As I write this my 6 year old is crying on the floor because I have to leave again and my 12 year old is mad because I never cook anymore.

Youth sports drama is pretty much the ugliest drama out there.

And the eating and the exercise- ummm yeah. I haven't exercised in over 3 weeks and I just ate 2 snack size milky ways and a half of bag of goldfish pretzels. The only reason I stopped is because I know there will be snacks at my meeting and I'm saving "room".

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were just texing eachother before I left for home. I told him I was so blah and I wasn't sure what was up. You described most of it job, my body, and the house, add in everyone around me but me is pregnant, and the fact that we have to fix his car because the engine went. yup I think I know why oh ya and it's freaking HOT!

justme said...

sending some thoughts that a change for the good is in the future....

Sarah said...

i'm sorry, sarah.

to better times...

Jackie said...

To reward yourself for surving a vacation with middle and baby, spring for a deep cleaning housekeeper?

Pricey, but no more than a fancy haircut. OR you can put the boyz to work (ha!)

amanda said...

i heart you.

that is all.

Charlene (@CharChronicles) said...

I totally get it. Because I've been there. In 2006 to be exact. But who's counting. Just get through the summer and regroup. Figure out, as a family, what are the priorities. ( I have some thoughts on that so we should get together for wine and chocolate.) Then take time for you. It is hard to find the time. (I totally get that cause I'm sure you read my recent post.) Even if it is just on day a week for 30 minutes - you need it. And know that your friends are here for you. Always!


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