Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Renovating Our Trenches: The Big Deck Reveal!

When we bought our Trenches over 11 (!) years ago, what sold us on the house was the sunroom.  Big, airy and spacious, it has definitely been the heart of our family living space.

But having this room came with a price, for it was built over the existing back deck.  Which meant our deck space has always been limited.  Like with just enough room for a grill and one person to man the grill.  That's it.

Thus, it was time.  Time to expand.  Time to stop sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway like rednecks.  Time for a NEW BIG BACK DECK.

Unluckily, Hubby is the opposite of handy when it comes to building.  Luckily, his father is the BEST at hands-on building.

And so, our new deck was born:

Sitting area furniture from Sears.  8-seater tile top table and umbrella from BJs.

Hubby's father worked tirelessly, on his own, to built this for us.  I'm so thankful.  We paid him in lobster:

Still to come:  New house paint (with a different color!); backyard firepit (should be done being built today!); and side yard landscaping...


amanda said...


can i come over?

i need a drink :)

Kimberly Murphy said...


Anonymous said...

ooh what kind of wood?! I ask as someone who has been power washing, stripping, and re-staining a deck all weekend.


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