Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oops, We Did It Again

...and by "did it again" I mean we scheduled a Cape vacation.  Only this year, back in March when we found a house, coordinated with the other family we vacation with, and paid for it, we figured we were safe.  After all, this year's vacation would be AFTER the State baseball tournament.  I mean, we could TOTALLY schedule our vacation for the week of the New England Regional championships because there was NO WAY that they would be State champions 2 years in a row, right?! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I hereby present to you the 2-time Western Mass State Champs for Cal Ripken 10U baseball:

 Head coach Hubby is holding up plaque.  Eldest is laying down in front in maroon shirt.

Here you see me smiling on the outside but crying on the inside...


Instead of excitedly packing our SUV to head to Cape Cod for a week's vacation in the sun with 3 other families next Saturday...we will not be.

Hubby and Eldest will leave for the Regional tournament in Danbury, CT next Friday (with the car packed for the Cape). 

Middle, Baby and I will stay home until the first game on Saturday at 3:00.  I will also be driving a car packed for vacation.

We will "vacation" in Danbury, CT for the weekend.  And then, depending on how the team does (it's a double-elimination tournament), we will all head to the beach on Sunday, at the earliest. (If the team loses on Saturday and loses again on Sunday.) If they win, though, I will be heading to the Cape solo with the 2 little boys.

I'm thinking this time I will eagerly root for them to win.  Because when I've secretly hoped for them to lose so I can perhaps enjoy a family vacation, they always seem to win. 

Go team!

(You sports Moms totally get me, don't you?  It doesn't make me a bad person, right?)


Heather said...

I have almost forgotten what it is like to root for my children to WIN because it seems like every victory leads to some sort of major scheduling conflict.

Says the mom who is leaving at 7:30tomorrow to spend all day watching softball games in the 90 degree heat with air quality alerts.


Anonymous said...

As a mother of 2 grown boys, you will learn when to schedule vacations. The older they get the harder it is to find anytime for vacations. Sports become an all year long event. We always had to schedule our vacation during spring break or right after school was out, after soccer, before baseball and football. I am still suffering from a bad case of "bleacher butt".


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