Monday, June 11, 2012


Dear Middle,

Today you are EIGHT!  and are so proud that you get to go to school today and have your name read on the announcements to receive a special birthday pencil and to pass out (school approved non-allergy) Teddy Grahams to your classmates.  Tonight we will go to Moe's as a family (your choice of restaurant) and eat our weight in quesadillas and burritos and then come home and eat yellow cake with white frosting (your choice of cake) and you will probably wear your new Michael Jordan jersey not only all day today, but tonight to bed as well.

Middle, we love you.  We love that you love to shoot baskets by yourself for hours.  We love that you are proud that you are a GREAT basketball player.  We love when you sing.  We love when you create.

Keep soaring buddy.  Happy 8th birthday to our best Middle boy!


Rita Templeton said...

So sweet! Birthdays are so much fun at this age. Happy birthday to Middle! :)

amanda said...

eight seems so big doesn't it??

happy eight to you and your biggest :)

amanda said...

oh crap that was supposed to say middle! i was talking to my biggest as i was typing!! bad parenting!!


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