Wednesday, June 20, 2012

After 13 Years of Marriage...

Actual e-mail exchange between Hubby and me today:

Me:  "Thanks for not noticing my lighter hair color yesterday or this morning..."

Him:  "I did notice the $75 bill though."

Me:  "Of course you did."

Him:  "I was probably busy looking at your chest."

Me:  "Good answer, dear."



Please tell me you notice.  It's obvious, right?  NONE of the 4 male specimen in my Trenches said a word!  Apparently, I've achieved success:


amanda said...

totally notice.

and it looks beautiful.

Heather said...

Maybe not noticing is better than your 12 year old fashion expert ridiculing you. Maybe? said...

It looks great. And how could they not notice?

Vera Eaker said...

I love the color! It looks great on you.


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