Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day 2012

This year was the first year since uh...I don't even know (how bad is that?!)...that I got to spend Mother's Day with my Mom.

And it was glorious.

After a long day of sunburn baseball on Saturday, we clambered into the car to trek to Connecticut to my Sis's to spend the night with her family and my parents who were visiting from New York.

Mother's Day morn arrived bright and sunny to my Sis's Connecticut shoreline home.  I was awakened not only by my Niece's dog, but also by my 3 boyz, eager to bestow gifts upon me.

Actually, I take that back.  They were much more interested in the dog.

But I did manage to score a Kindle gift card, a gift certificate for a massage (holla!) and some lovely gifts, including a homemade jewelry cup from Baby and a "Top 10" list from Middle as to why I'm the BEST MOTHER EVER.  A list that included, among other things, that "She sometimes lets us watch PG-13 movies" and "She takes us out to dinner a lot."


And then it was time to get serious.

A Mother's Day 10-mile run.

For realz.

(My Sis and I are crazy running a half marathon on June 3.  Gulp.)

Sis had mapped a great 5-mile out, 5-mile back route.  It was fairly hilly, but a fantastic quiet country road.  I felt decent, but definitely hit the wall at Mile 9.  I was hot, my legs were sluggish, and the last mile seemed like it was ALL UPHILL.  I had no momentum or desire left.

Running is soooo mental.

But we did it!

And then spent the afternoon sitting outside in lounge chairs, drinking beers, and watching the kids play soccer.

Best Mother's Day ever.

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