Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Last First Tooth

For the first two years of each of my boyz' lives, any time there was crankiness, drooling or pretty much any type of unexplained behavior, I blamed it on the TEETHING. Just waiting for those little suckers to cut through to put my child out of his misery.

And now I'm on the other end. Just waiting for those little suckers to fall out to put my constantly-tooth-wiggling child out of his misery.

Yesterday we hit a milestone.  My very last baby lost his very first tooth.

After months and months and months of jealousy (of his older brothers), it finally happened to him!

And he couldn't have been more excited to put that teeny tiny thing under his pillow to await the riches of the Tooth Fairy.

And well, Hubby she sure came through last night.  To the tune of $10!  (Only for the first one.  Average price in our Trenches is whatever cash we can scrounge up last minute $2.)

And the postscript to all this? I received a text from Hubby this morning. Seems tooth #2 was ready to jump ship as well.

Looks like the Tooth Fairy will be making a return visit tonight!  (But no way in hell is she paying out another $10.)

I can't wait to get home to see his toothless bottom grin!

1 comment:

Shell said...

My middle lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. I love that little missing spot.

Our Tooth Fairy only pays out $1!


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