Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pain in My...Side

On Sunday evening, I started experiencing pain on my left side.  It was uncomfortable, so I ended up just going to bed early to try to sleep it off.

(And in the interest of TMI, I had gotten my period earlier that day.  Perhaps I was just dropping an egg laying an egg experiencing whatever happens when you menstruate?)

(Clearly, I am an EXPERT on the human body.)

Monday, I headed to work.  The pain started kicking in again mid-afternoon.  My left side was tender and kind of throbbing.  I woefully bailed on my evening soccer game and spent the night just laying low (and popping 800mg of ibuprofen).

Tuesday, I found myself at the Dr. in an attempt to get to the bottom of it.  After bloodwork, x-rays (and 2 hours), no conclusive answer was found and I was given a prescription for a muscle relaxant.

So, musculature perhaps?  (But how would I pull a muscle without knowing it?)  I texted my Sis (a nurse Ratchet) and asked if it could be my pancreas?  (Hi, too much Google reasearch.) I could practically HEAR her laughing through the phone.  Uh, that'd be NO to pancreas.  (She'll never let me forget that one, I'm sure.)

So anyway, here I am today.  The pain is pretty constant, but dull.  But when I touch the area on my side where it hurts, it's really tender.

I have a followup appointment tomorrow for more tests.  Is it even worth going?

I just feel "off", you know?

And my half marathon training is taking a hit, which is killing me.  (More so mentally than physically.)

So diagnose me, internetz.  What could it be? What should I do?

(Even if my Sis totally thinks my diagnosis is Hypochondria.)

(But it really truly does HURT, dammit!)


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Lower left front/side is colon. I know b/c daughter was once screaming in pain while in PA and I called our dr back here in MA b/c I thought it might be her appendix. They said it was her colon and, sure enough, a little while later, she was fine.

Or maybe it's a kidney stone? (oy, sorry)

If you are in real pain, I'd keep asking for help. I'm a wimp and I have health insurance, so I never try to wait that stuff out too long. Hope you feel better soon!

MorethanMommy said...

I think it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you're in pain, something isn't right.

@CharChronicles said...

All of the above comments are valid but I once I had a side pain. Turned out it was a muscle that I pulled in my back but the pain radiated around to the side (and at one point to the front so I felt like I was having a heart attack.)

Anonymous said...

I once was in the ER (5.5 hours!)with my son for pain in his side, he was screaming! Blood work, xrays, then an enema (SP?!) Ater that everything was back to normal! Maybe you need to remember the last time you had a #2! :-)

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh, your comments made me remember something---I once went to the dr b/c I was convinced I had lung problems or a broken rib---it hurt to breath and move SO MUCH. THey did x-rays, hooked me to an EKG and found nothing. The final diagnosis was that I had pulled all the muscles in between my ribs while exercising with weights. Since your ribs do extend around the side of you, I wonder if your having a muscle strain? It was really, really painful, if I remember it correctly.

(and I hope you're now drinking coffee after a run and thinking, "Pain? What pain?")

Maricris @ SittingAround said...

I hope this is nothing serious. Get well soon, Sarah.


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