Friday, April 06, 2012

Out of the Mouth of Baby

Me:  "You boys all really need new sneakers!  Baby, you have a brand new pair of Under Armours from Christmas!  Why don't you start wearing those instead of your ratty basketball sneakers?"

Baby:  "Nah.  I'm really more of a high-top guy."

Scene:  Walmart checkout line.

Baby (totally out of the blue):  "So how does a baby get IN your belly anyway?  Like, do you WISH for it to get in there, and then it just does??  Did you wish to have 3 boys and then you got us, Mom?"

Me:  "Yes.  That's EXACTLY how it happened.  Hey, want some candy?"

Baby:  "So after you die, do you get back awake?"

Me (not sure where this is going...):  "Nooooo..."

Baby:  "Yes you do!  Because there's houses in heaven, Mom!"

Me:  "Okaaay then."

Scene:  Upstairs bathroom.  Hubby was getting ready to take off the bandages from his shoulder surgery and I was helping him.  Hence, he was shirtless.

Baby (totally underfoot and examining Hubby closely):  "Wow Dad!  Your belly button!  I can't even see the end of it!  I could have a SLEEPOVER in your belly button!

(And then we died laughing.)

(Where, oh where, does he come up with this stuff?!  It's neverending!)

Public service message:  Do not, I repeat, do NOT Google image search belly buttons.  Especially after eating.  You'll thank me.


Maricris @ SittingAround said...

ha,ha, That was funny. Sometimes, I hate it when kids ask out of nowhere questions like that. But somehow I like it also, because it means they are curious. And they say "smart people are curious people"

Beth H said...

One of my favorites from my boys, "Daddy, who put hair in your armpits?"


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