Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little OCD Goin' On in the Trenches

I'm so not even kidding about this...

Like Father... (and yes, he does this every.single.morning before his shower)

Like Son (and yes, he does this every.single.time before his game)

Genetics are scary, yo.

Got anyone like this in your Trenches?


Beth said...

My husband and one of our sons both often sleep with their heads under their pillows.

Why my husband insists on fancy pillows, I don't understand!

JenC said...

I'm TRYING to make my boys OCD like me, but they just don't get it! Organization- ha! Neat and tidy- please! Clothes that match- fuggedaboutit! *sigh*

Janet (ocdtalk) said...

While I know there was no harm intended, the misuse of the term OCD to refer to those who are excessively neat or organized only perpetuates the lack of understanding of this neurologically based anxiety disorder. OCD is a devastating disorder with the potential to destroy lives, and minimizing it does an injustice to those who suffer from it. Thanks for letting me vent!

beenomom said...

I wish I had someone in my home that had a touch of OCD. My kids and my hubby are the most unorganized group you've ever met in your life. If it were not for me, they would never leave the house or be on time for any engagement. It is so frustrating! I say be thankful they're that way!

Cater Hater said...

Yeah, me. But here's the cool thing about it... because I'm a caterer/event planner, I use what some would call a "flaw" as an enhancement. And BTW, I totally understand what Janet (ocdtalk) means. Yet, what I know personally is that where I'm concerned, if I didn't have an outlet where I can use my "problem", I would likely be in a debilitated state, going back over things more often than I already do now. In what I do, people see my "revisiting" things, over and over, as I'm doing a "good job" insuring that I get the details of someones party right. They certainly don't see it as, "She has a problem". And the thing is, to whatever degree, it's just masked, is all.

The Dose of Reality said...

My girls are both a lot like me. Sometimes it is scary how much my oldest reminds me of me. I caught her signing fake autographs the other day, which I did probably until I was way too old! ;)
Great post!
Came over via SITS.


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