Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Thee Wed

On this day, 13 years ago, in Charlotte, North Carolina, in front of family and friends, we pledged our unity.

Some believe that the number 13 is unlucky.  I have a feeling though, that this year of our marriage will be stronger than ever.  For with time, and wisdom, and experience, and hardship, and laughter, and growth, and THREE CHILDREN...
...we have learned to accept each others' faults, to be more patient, to be more kind, to be more accepting, to enjoy each other...
...and to always always always respect and honor one another.
 To get the full value of joy
You must have someone to divide it with.
Mark Twain


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary, Sarah! Here's to many more years!

Maureen said...

Beautiful... happy anniversary. Lucky 13!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!


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