Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Easter Miracle, Of Sorts

It was practically an Easter miracle!

No, not the fact that one of my children didn't cry after my family's Yearly Wicked Competitive Easter Egg Hunt.  Because The Crying always happens.  And the winner always gloats.  It's called TRADITION, dammit, and it's how we roll in the Trenches.  Second place is first loser, don't you know?


(Sort of.)
The thrill of victory!

And the agony of defeat.

The miracle that occurred was that I actually have been sticking to my Couch to Half Marathon training.  And Easter Sunday marked the end of Week 4.  That's 4 entire weeks of sticking to a training schedule.  Me!  Sticking with something!  A miracle, indeed!

And so it was that on Easter Sunday, I ventured out into the chilly 45-degreeish weather to complete a 6-mile run on my own.

And it felt FANTASTIC.


1 comment:

Kameron said...

I am right there with you! I am happy that I have been sticking with it too. It will all be worth it when we cross the finish line. :)


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