Monday, March 26, 2012

Running Again...

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with running.  I love how I feel after a run.  I hate having to actually, you know, GO FOR A RUN.

Right now, I am currently starting Week 3 of a Couch to Half Marathon training program.  I am signed up for two 5Ks, but have yet to actually sign up for a half marathon...

But so far, so good.  I have managed to stick to the training, not yet once missing a run.  (Don't wanna jinx myself though...)

Saturday, when my Sis was in town, I needed to run 4.5 miles.  So we did it together.

Remember when my Sis broke her back?  This was our very first run together since probably early last summer.

Now, my Sis is hard core.  When she does something, she does it 110%.  You guys, she was gonna run a MARATHON last fall! (Before she hurt her back, that is).  Me, on the other hand?  I tend to complain.  A lot.  Oh, I'll go for a run, sure, but not without whining.

So this run for us was something special.  For me anyway.  Why?  BECAUSE I KICKED HER ASS.

Broken back, schmoken back.

(What sibling rivalry?)

Normally, my Sis leaves me in the dust when it comes to running.  Pretty much every.single.time.  AND she turns her music up realllly loud so she can't hear me bitch.

The only times I have managed to outrun her are the beginning of every running season because I tend to start running earlier in the spring than she does. 

So Saturday's run was supposed to be a 4.5 mile easy run.  It was the longest distance run in my training thus far.  But my Sis was game.  She wanted to do it.

It was my  At 38 minutes in, I couldn't even believe that that much time had gone by.  I had energy, I had motivation, I felt good.

And Sis?  Was pretty much miserable.  The total and complete role-reversal was kinda funny.  There I was, skipping and singing (and yes, definitely could have been running at a faster pace) while she was dragging.

I'm pretty much positive that that will be the FIRST AND LAST TIME I run better than her this year.  She will sooo make sure of that.


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