Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Playing Soccer at (Almost) 20 Years Old vs. (Almost) 40 Years Old...

 Circa 1989 (in case the hair doesn't give it away) (I am directly in front of the coach with the *orange-ish* hair) (the girl directly behind me, standing next to the coach, is currently engaged to Rosie O'Donnell.  For real.)

Last night was the first time I have played soccer in oh....about 20 years.  For shizz.

You guys.  I hurt today.  Bad.  But at the same time, good.

For your amusement, here's a list of differences in playing soccer at age 20ish vs. age 40ish:

1.  Short bursts of speed?  Easy at age 20!  Now?  Oxygen tank, please.  And a sore groin muscle.

2.  20 years and 20+ pounds?  I didn't know that KNEES could sweat. They can.

3.  It's almost as if I completely forgot how to play the ball off the wall in indoor soccer.  Must re-learn.

4.  And getting burned by fancy footwork?  I did.  Lots. Grrrrr.

5.  Oh, and staying on my feet?  Notsomuch.  I wiped out twice that I remember.  (Maybe more...)

6.  Related:  Playing soccer in running shoes is slippery.  (Why yes, I AM blaming my footwear for my turf ass.)  (Why yes, I am buying a pair of indoor soccer shoes before next week.)

7.  I'm much more polite now than I was then.  Is that the mother in me?

8.  I'm much less competitive too.  We lost 5-2 but hey, it was our very.first.game.  And it was fun!

9.  Playing soccer makes you thirsty.  For beer.

10.  When I do finally score a goal (which I am determined to do), I may have possibly contemplated doing this at age 20, but nowayinhell would I could I do so now:


Jennifer said...

I was curious to hear about your soccer game! Sounds like painful fun.

beenomom said...

I say good for you for going out there and doing it! I have adopted a new motto in life since turning 35. Life is too damn short to live with what ifs. If I want to do something, then hell yes, I'm gonna do it! I am really proud of you for going out there!

Jennifer said...

That hair takes me back.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

You are rad! A bunch of the women at my work play soccer on women's teams. They are crazy competitive.


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