Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Blog Stats For a Towel?

Riddle me this, fellow bloggers:

Do you think that discussing your blog's stats is akin to discussing how much money you make in a year?  Or what your vital measurements are?  (Did you know that Barbie's, if she was life-sized, would be 36-18-33?)  (Mine are so similar!)  (Not.)

I know some people list their blog's statistics on their site.  Traffic, unique visitors, target demographic...yada yada yada.

I don't do this.  Partly--because I'm just little old me here on this little old blog.  And also?  To me it sort of feels personal.  Too personal.

Don't get me wrong.  If a company asks me for this information because they're interested in working with me (and paying me) and are curious about my outreach or influence as a blogger, I am more than happy to hand over the numbers.  Even if those those numbers certainly don't define me as a whole.  Even if those numbers can be interpreted (or misinterpreted) many different ways.  Even if those numbers are usually unscientific.  And subjective.

Just recently I was contacted by a PR company who was hawking their client's new sport accessory (a workout towel, to be specific).  Normally I ignore these e-mails unless the product is something specific that (1) I would use; or (2) my children would use.  And I thought, "Hey--that is something that would be useful in my life.  Sure, I'd like to try it."  The e-mail advised to contact the company's publicist for a sample.  So I did.

In return, I received an e-mail request from the publicist asking for my blog's statistics.  (In exchange for a sample workout towel?)

So I ignored the e-mail.

And then I got another e-mail.  This time from the company.   Asking for my blog's statistics.  (In exchange for a sample workout towel?)  (In exchange for a sample workout towel that you contacted me about in the first place, asking me if I wanted a sample?)

So do you share your blog statistics with whomever asks?  Do you post them on your blog?  Do you keep them close to the vest?  Please share your thoughts.

(As for me, I'll be over here, mopping up beads of post-workout sweat with a regular old bath towel, thankyouverymuch...)


MorethanMommy said...

It's reasonable for them to know what type of influence you have when looking for reviewers, although it makes me angry when they pitch me and THEN ask for my stats. If your blog is a business venture, your stats shouldn't be personal. That doesn't mean you need to broadcast them, but it does mean that you're not trading product for your stats (as a business, the product is a tool necessary for doing your job). The only thing that makes me hesitate to give my stats is that it takes time to look them up.

And if you're not a business, just politely say that you're rather not disclose your statistics. =}

Keri Wilmot said...

I often find that companies that work with me directly and contact me directly to pitch their product, no matter how big or small or what the cost of the item, ask to send the product for review and NEVER ask for numbers. The only times I've ever been asked for numbers is when working with organizations that act as an intermediary (like Clever Girls, etc.) for blogger outreach. Then, depending on the pitch, I determine whether the campaign is important enough for my readers and my site to share my numbers. I focus on writing unique, quality content and that's what I want to be considered for campaigns for, not my numbers.

The Coupon Goddess said...

For a towel? No. For a down filled comforter, maybe. I guess it depends on how relevant the product is to my life and also to my reader's lives. And yes, stats are intensely personal and subjective. You can't rely on that alone to gauge a blogger's influence.

Charlene @CharChronicles said...

My thing is that when PR or Brands ask for stats, they only ask for blog page views. Yet, they want me to do video, tweet, post and tell my FB fans. Hello - what about those numbers? Influence is more than just my blog's website - which they obviously get since they are asking to stand on my head while eating jello. So ask for where my influence is. That is why I created at least one BlogHer ROYO proposal on this subject.

Jodi said...

For reviews, they should vet their list before they pitch. It frustrates me when they don't, and like you, I usually don't respond.

However, for paid campaigns, I don't mind being asked for stats.

Jen said...

I say, if a company asks then I tell but other than that no.

But when I get to the level of 50,000 plus page views a month you bet your ass I will shout it from the tree tops.


Niri said...

So I never give my stats for reviewing a product, I don't care how expensive it is. I was asked about that when I tried to make an appointment at a booth at Toy Fair (after I was invited to see them at the booth), guess whose booth I skipped.

For a campaign or a paid post I may, but honestly it is not commonplace. If people can't see influence then I have no time to work with them. Metrics when working on a campaign I will do judiciously, after all they are paying and deserve to know.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I'm nowhere near a professional blogger or anything of the sort... but I'd kinda balk if anyone asked me for my blog stats. Hello, I don't just give up my bra size on request.

I dunno... I don't really do any sort of sponsored stuff so I can't really say. But I think it's uber rude to ask... if you're interested, be interested. Don't ask for stats to make sure you're not taking a risk on a "lesser" blog, via the numbers.


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