Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Things I'm Loving - February Edition

Ho hum, it's the day before my 39th birthday and I'm feeling pretty blah.  The exercise routine has (predictably) lost steam.  I made it to Level 3, Day 3 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred before puttering out.  Sleep is soooo much more fun at 5am than exercise!

(I need to get back on track.  Which essentially means...I need to start running again.)

Everyone in my Trenches is fighting some sort of head cold, so there's a lot of coughing and sneezing going on.

I am on my second dose of antibiotics to fight a sinus infection.  Except I'm not getting any better, leading me to think that perhaps its just a COLD FROM HELL (I've had it since CHRISTMAS) and not really my sinuses?  Who knows.

Well, this isn't very cheery, is it?

Perhaps I should write about what IS making me happy these days?

Here goes:
We just got a Charming Charlie store in the area and I am hooked!  Have you ever been?  Think Claire's Boutique for adults!  And I love the fact that the jewelry is displayed in the store by color.

Also, this:
Can you say smooooooth?  And a mere 2 of them will do you right.

After more than a year of lusting, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a pair of Danskos, if nothing but to see what all the fuss is about (well that, and I'm a total sucker for patent leather...):
These are the exact ones I got from 6pm.com.  I have to say, I am now officially a Dansko Believer.

At the beginning of 2012, Hubby and I were kind of bummed that we no longer had a Show to watch together.  (Ok, ok, it was mostly just me.)   Damn Kiefer Sutherland and the demise of 24.

But now, enter Homeland:

Via Showtime on Demand, we are on Episode 5 and both of us are hooked.

And finally, this:

As opposed to BlissDom '10, where I was a first-time attendee; or BlissDom '11, where I was a speaker on the legal panel; this year, for BlissDom '12, I am the First Bliss Coordinator.  So, I am heading up the Newcomer Community Leaders who are heading up the first-time BlissDom attendees.  Make sense?  Anyway, it has been absolutely awesome to be on the inside this year, taking (a very small) part in the planning and coordination of this top-notch production.  I have nothing but admiration and awe for all the women who devote massive hours of time, energy and love into this conference and am honored to play a small bit.  I cannot!wait! to get to Nashville on February 22!

Ok, so what are you loving this February?


Jennifer said...

Ask your doctor for some steroids. That should kick it right out of there. Mine always prescribes them.

Looking forward to? This weekend we are going to a fancy, shamancy Mardi Gras ball with some friends.

Carmen said...

I'm LOVING the fact that I will see!you!at!Blissdom!!!

Tara said...

I'm loving that the holidays are over and planning for our tenth anniversary celebration in September. I'm also really happy that my anniversary will happen before the world ends.

amanda said...

just got a charming charlies as well - super fun!

loving? that the hubs made it home tonight from his trip. i am better when he is around.

wow that was cheesy!

Heather said...

The girls and I LOVE Charming Charlie's.

I'm loving that the OC girls are back and that Bethany will be back next week. Bravo totally makes me happy.

Maggie S. said...

You are absolutely going to love those shoes.

Mari said...

I too have recently fallen in love with Danskos after considering them for a long time. I commute into Boston every day and they have been awesome for my feet. I don't want to take them off when I get into the office. Also - I have hda a sinus infectionf rot he past six months. I need the steroids.

Rebecca said...

That SUCKS about the cold. Having had two stomach viruses right in a row, I feel for ya!

I've heard good things about Danskos, but just can't bring myself to do it. I have a clunky feet thing!

I'd love to go to blissdom one day...sigh...one day.

MizFit said...

hope you are feeling better now?
and YES.
a lot.


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