Thursday, January 19, 2012

Making Wishes

I'm sure you've noticed that there has been lots of radio silence in this space lately.

Safe to say, I seem to have lost that loving feeling my blogging mojo.

So much so that I couldn't even find the words to do a birthday post for Hubby yesterday on his 42nd birthday.

Hubby has made it clear that he doesn't really want to be written about, whether it's here or on Facebook.  Sometimes I have written about him anyway.  Other times I haven't shared, in respect of his wishes.

I'm finding it hard to strike a balance between savoring life's moments and keeping them locked in my brain and heart; or recording them more concretely in this space, this space I have especially carved out for those very moments.  To share with others.  To relate to others.  To carve my niche.

And so, in the meantime, I keep quiet while gathers dust and cobwebs.  (I fully admit I'm not a great cleaner.)

Please bear with me.

(And happy belated birthday to Hubby, the old man best father and husband a gal could ever be so lucky to have.  Mwah.)


Angella said...

We'll be here when you need us. :)

Valerie said...

I'll still be a fan, when you decide to return! :)

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I hear ya on the blog break. I basically fell off the face of the Earth after the holidays. Many belated birthday wishes to the hubby.

Heather said...

Maybe Blissdom will help you motivate to dust off the cobwebs!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

First, Happy Birthday to your husband!

And, I hear you about the need for a break at times. I also find that as my kids get older, their stories feel less like mine to tell. So, frankly, sometimes I'm a little low on material!

Hugs to you. Hope to see you soon too!


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