Monday, October 03, 2011

Personality? I Gots One

I'm not one to usually take internet tests but as a former psychology major (Which?  Can we be real?  Obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology pretty much qualifies you to ask either "Would you like fries with that? or "Paper or plastic?"  In other words...there's not a whole helluva lotta jobs out there for someone with a bachelor's in psychology.  Kinda why I ended up becoming a paralegal.), but this test posted by Carmen intrigued me. 

And so I took it.


And got the exact same result both times.

(Take it for yourself here.)

I ended up with ESTJ.  Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking and Judging.

Pretty much me to a tee.

I am literal.  I value competency and efficiency.  I am straightforward.  I am WAY fun at social events.  I am (pretty) self-confident and (can be) aggressive.

What are you?

And do you think these types of tests hold any merit?  I do.


Claire said...

ENTJ - though when I took it years ago I was ESTJ (granted the N was the lowest strength at only 12%). Perhaps it is motherhood that has made me more intuitive. The others hold very true for me, and I think I probably do run the line between S and N.

I believe these things are fairly accurate - it "predicted" my working in educational administration!

Brigid said...

INFJ. Me and Mother Theresa and Nicole Kidman. So there you go.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I'm an ESFJ. Fits me to a tee, I think. Now I have to make my boyfriend take it because I honestly don't know which one he is. Hmmmm.

Jennifer said...

ESFJ, pretty much right on the money.

beenomom said...


Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging


Jules said...

Your Type is
Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
89 25 50 33

ESFJ type description by D.Keirsey
ESFJ Identify Your Career with Jung Career Indicator™     ESFJ Famous Personalities
ESFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

 You are:
very expressed extravert
moderately expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed feeling personality
moderately expressed judging personality


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