Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Bulletpoints

  • I don't think I have ever been as excited for a movie to come out as I am for The Hunger Games.  You guys, I am like a rabid fourteen year old Fan Girl or something.  March 23rd!  (You can even "like" it on Facebook.)  Please tell me that you have read all 3 books.  I don't think we can be friends if you haven't.
  • Thank you for all your kind words and reassurance about Middle's dental experience.  Trust me, I am way more scarred than he is.  He's totally fine.
  • So I am about to take the plunge on this here blog and switch from Blogger to Wordpress.  And I'm nervous.  I know NOTHING.  So first, which Wordpress theme do I want?  Thesis, Headway, or Genesis?  (Twitter is telling me that Thesis is best.)  Discuss. 
  • I want to keep my header, or is it time for a redesign?  I'm kinda fond of the peeing boys, actually.  And the lampshade.  So maybe it's the blog title that could use a change?  I mean, I'm not really "in the trenches of mommyhood" these days.  I work full-time, the boyz are getting older way too quickly, and they rarely *sob* call me mommy...but if I just switch to "sarahviz", then I lose that whole parenting blogger/brand name/recognition thing I have had going with "trenches of mommyhood" for the past 4 years...Discuss.
  • I'm the type of person who LOVES having something to look forward to.  Doesn't matter what it is--I totally thrive on the anticipation.  Up next?  A trip!  To San Antonio, TX for Hubby's work conference in November.  Cannot wait.  Have you ever been there?  Any recommendations?  Discuss.
  • AND...I just found out that the Amsterdam trip for my work that didn't happen this fall WILL happen in the spring.  My ugly passport photo and I are ready to go!
  • Fourth grade homework is just about killing me.  Eldest has an "old school" teacher (to put it nicely).  She's the first one we've had who hasn't been affectionate and warm fuzzy.  She is all business and rarely smiles.  I was actually kind of intimidated by her at Open House.  She pretty much gave the impression that she is counting down until retirement.  How this is affecting us is by the amount/quality of the homework and projects that Eldest is bringing home.  As in--TONS but with not much relevance.  She seems to have an affinity for worksheets.  And last-minute projects.  (As in, make a batch of HOMEMADE clay tonight.  And it must be blue.)  My complaint is where do you draw the line?  When is it truly the child's project and when does it become the parents' project if the instructions clearly are not 4th grade appropriate and even the adults are having a hard time deciphering what is required?  Ok, end rant.  We'll get through it. 
  • it almost Halloween or is it almost Christmas?  All the box stores--Walmart, Target, BJs are guilty of shoving tinsel and fake trees down our throats already.  Can't we just get through frigging Halloween first?  I remember the good old days when Christmas season didn't truly start until after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  *sigh*
  • Speaking of Halloween, I have no clue what the boyz will be this year.  I mean, I am definitely encouraging the re-wearing of the stuff we already have...and I've heard rumors that Middle wants to be Spiderman (check--we have a costume); Baby wants to be a policeman (check--been there, done that), but that Eldest wants to be a fighter/boxer.  So we'll see.  And?  My Trenches are still devoid of pumpkins and mums.  I suck at festive holiday yard decorating.
  • Are you like me and have 751 photos and videos on your iPhone that have never been downloaded anywhere else?  Yeah.  True story.  I just found this new app though!  It's called PostalPix and you can order prints right from your iPhone!  Love love love. 
  • We randomly receive correspondence from my brother Dan in Afghanistan.  He gets on Facebook when he can, and he and I play Words With Friends together.  He has received 3 of our 6 packages thus far, and says the troops love to get mail.  If you are interested in mailing a package (no pressure whatsover!  I just know that sometimes it's nicer to put a name to a face to make it more personal) please e-mail me directly for Dan's address.  Mailing boxes are FREE from the post office, and they charge a flat rate of $13 to mail the box, so you can make it as heavy as you want.  It's wicked easy.
  • I finally bit the bullet and did something (anything!) with my frizzed out, over-processed mop of gray on my head. I got about 2-3 inches trimmed and layered, and went DARKER for fall:
  • Is it just me, or do you think that when you get something sorta drastic done to your hair and people you know fairly well don't comment on it at all, does that mean they don't really like it but don't want to say anything?  Because I find this awkward.
And then there was Hubby's comment about the hair color:  "What?  So now you're going Goth?"

Have a nice weekend!


Tara said...

Funny - I usually feel awkward and start getting insecure - "OMG - does it look bad? I don't think it looks bad....maybe I should change it again. Or cut it. Or dye it purple with orange spots so people will notice. Notice me people!!!"

Ok rant over. Your hair looks lovely!

Jennifer said...

I switched to Wordpress. My advice is to have someone else do it for you. :) It was super easy that way for sure.

I'm from Texas so yes I have been to San Antonio. Go to the River Walk. It is touristy and fun with lots of clubs and restaurants. If the boys are going with you then you can maybe go to Sea World for the day. It is awesome. I think they also have a pretty great open air Mexican style market there, but I've never been to that.

Jennifer said...

Oh, one more thing. If you really want to change the name how about just, "In the trenches..." That way you still have your branding, but you ditch the whole exclusive to Mommy bit. Just an idea.

amanda said...

i want to comment on every bullet (bc i am obsessive like that) but i am being paged :)

happy weekend and love the new hair!

Anonymous said...

When guys notice you changed your hair, as in "Did you cut your hair again?" but then don't say it looks good, that's bad, too, I think. I seemed to get that when I cut my bangs into a fringe this summer. I agree it's awkward. Love the dark color on you!

Amy said...

* KEEP the name!! You are still in the trenches they just look different these days!
* I am about to download PostalPix - my iPhone is excited!
* I finally bought my mums just this week and they got crushed by all the rain lately on the south shore.
* I almost passed out when I saw the fake Christmas trees at Kohls the other day....

Missy | Literal Mom said...

JUST finished the trilogy - so we can stay friends. Just had a dream this morning that I was in the Hunger Games and my partner was changed at the last minute. Weirdest dream ever. Didn't know the date was set - can't wait! Wanna go see it together?


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