Tuesday, September 06, 2011

(Manual) Labor Day

As I've bitched complained written about before, we own a woodstove that we use to primarily heat our Trenches during the frigid New England winters.

Said woodstove needs fuel.

In the form of wood.

So Hubby had a humongous load of firewood delivered this weekend.

[Insert your getting wood/having wood dirty joke here.  We've pretty much beat it to death.]

[Heh.  Beat it to death.]

Nonetheless, said wood needed to be (a) chopped; (b) moved from our side lawn to out back underneath our sunroom via a wagon and a wheelbarrow; and (c) stacked.

So Monday, Labor Day, was literally going to be a Day of Labor, much to my boyz' dismay.

But we are all about child labor teaching hard work and family responsibility around here.

(Now don't get me wrong though.  Personally, I would love nothing more than to laze around with my feet up watching Bravo while eating chocolate on the weekends.  I hate being a grownup.)

Our outdoor adventure began around 10:30.
My husband would like you to know he has a LOT of wood.

A Loving Portrait of Manual Labor

And today, the role of Lumberjack will be played by my white-collar banker husband.  Rawr.

Please, don't for one single second think that it was all peace and harmony and steady honest work.  It was pretty much the OPPOSITE of that.  The boys whined.  And complained.  And fought.  And went sloooowwwww.  And had to pee.  And wanted a snack.  And sat.  And complained.  And complained. 

I am not above bribing my children, I freely admit, so yes, a bribe of McDonald's for lunch was in place, if only to SHUT THEM UP.

12:30 was our lunchtime break.
What?  You mean you don't do arm farts in your driveway while eating McDonald's?

And then it was right back to work.

Middle and Baby had pretty much lost allll interest at this point.  Getting them to lift even a finger was a chore.  But I figured, as long as they were still outside with us, I wasn't going to harp anymore.  And Eldest was getting his second wind, eager to successfully complete our task.  He was like a machine, even hauling full wagonloads of firewood all on his own from side yard to back yard and then stacking it all himself. 

By 3:00, we were finished.  All that wood was chopped and stacked in 4-1/2 hours.

Hubby and I were dirty, smelly, and exhausted.  Yet proud that we had managed to git 'er done while teaching the boyz by example about working together as a family unit.

But worst of all?
I broke a nail, dammit! EFF YOU to manual labor. 


Anonymous said...

LOL...I loved loading your wood! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! LOL!

Bobbie said...

That brought back a lot of memories, although I'm pretty sure our wood was already split, and my father had it dumped much closer to where it was stacked.

We have a pellet stove, so our boys have to stack a ton and a half of pellets (in 40-lb. bags) in our garage. Much easier!

Missy | Literal Mom said...

I was totally looking at that picture thinking, "is that boy arm farting?" Hil-arious!

And I'm totally with you on the instilling hard work and ethic in our children. Why the HELL does it have to come with so much complaining? Don't they know I'm teaching them a work ethic????

Katie said...

I just found your blog the other day...and have to say Im hooked. Youre freaking hilarious ;)
Love this post...I can totally relate!

Adrienne said...

And us new englanders know that you will truly use all that wood! Great recap of a job well done...even if not enjoyed by all!!

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

Oh this takes me back. Every year we would have to haul wood under the deck at my parents house. I totally feel your pain. But I would totally have my boys help as well!

Jennifer said...

Man, that really is a lot of wood. And kind of a sucky job. At least the weather was nice, or at least it looks nice in the photos.


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