Thursday, September 15, 2011

LOST (Not the TV Show)

This summer, when we were holed up in a hotel in Connecticut for Eldest's regional baseball tournament, I got up early one morning, thinking that I would do a good deed.  I would find a laundromat and wash stinky baseball uniforms, dammit!

I hauled Middle and Baby with me, in search of a laundromat that was supposedly "right down the road."

And hey, it was!

Except their machines weren't working.

Ok, I could do this.  I could find another laundromat.  Between my iPhone and the GPS in the car, how hard could it be, right?

Except I am NOTORIOUSLY bad with directions.  I don't know my north from my south, my east from my west, or my ass from my elbow when it comes to navigating my way ANYWHERE.  True story.

But I soldiered on.

And promptly got myself lost.  Instead of merely staying on the same road and driving to the next down, I ended up on the Interstate.  Heading out of Connecticut and into New York.  New York City.


And remember?  I had 2 little boys in the back of the car.

Questioning me.

"Where are we now?"  "Are we there yet?"  "Why are we going this way?"  "Are you sure, Momma?"


I tried to stay calm.  For them.  Apparently I didn't do a good enough job.

They both started to cry.  Like, hysterically.

"I want my Daddy!"  "We're lost!"  "What are we gonna doooooooo?"

"Call 911!"

So I got off the next exit.  Pulled over in a parking lot.  Tried to calmly call Hubby who was still back at the hotel (SLEEPING, mind you) to bitch at him because of course it was all his fault let him know of my predicament.

Eventually, I figured it out.  Made my way back to the hotel.  With two NOT HAPPY little boys.  And still dirty baseball uniforms.

Major fail.

But time marches on, right?  That morning was just a mere hiccup (to me).

Not, apparently, to Baby.

You guys, he is still SCARRED.

And it's all my fault.

Later this summer, after my mom had gone back to NY, I suggested to our babysitter that she take the boys bowling.  Great idea, right?

She assured me she knew how to get to the bowling alley.

She didn't.

And guess who freaked out in the backseat of her car?

BOTH Middle and Baby.

So she just turned around and came home.

AND THEN, just a few weeks ago, as all the football teams were being bussed to their official weigh-in, apparently there was a mix-up, and the teams weren't sure where to go.

Guess who FUH-REAKED OUT on the bus?

That would be my child.  Baby.

(Thankfully Hubby was right there with him.)

My poor little buddy is now obsessed about Being Lost/Getting Lost and talks about it all.the.time.

"For my football game this Sunday, do you know how to get there?"  "What if we get lost?"  "What if your phone didn't work - what would we do?"  "Do other people know how to get there too?"  "How do all these cars on the road just know where to go?"

It's a constant barrage of these types of questions.  I'm not even kidding.

I'm sensing future therapy.  Lots.

My child's worst nightmare.  Thanks to me.

What is your child's irrational fear?  (And more importantly, did YOU cause it?)


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

My daughter has a completely irrational fear of those automatic flushing toilets. First, she screams, then miraculously, she doesn't have to go anymore. Funny how that happens. :)

Bobbie said...

Back in the day my oldest son had anxiety issues. Luckily he only had one at a time (each one would be replaced by something new). Let me think. It started in first grade when a kid brought peanuts to his classroom (in the estimation jar). As Joe was deathly allergic to nuts, we had drilled into his head that he could die if he ate them. He then became afraid to eat at school. Then he was afraid of fire. And elevators (elevators on fire?). And flying. Then what if we were driving somewhere and there weren't any bathrooms?????

We ended up taking Joe to a therapist (when he was in first grade!!!) because it was really affecting his life (I don't think it helped). He's now a junior in college. He's an EMT, a volunteer fireman and he has his private pilot's license. He hopes to go to med school.

My cousin's daughter had the same issue as your son did - she would have to drive her to school if the regular bus driver wasn't driving because she wouldn't trust the replacement. She was also deathly afraid of weather. She's fine now.

Basically, most kids have issues. Love him, reassure him, and talk to his pediatrician to see if he/she can suggest anything.

It gets better!

Dorothy said...

If he were a little older and could read, you could you get a detailed map of the local area or print out directions to where you are going. Maybe you could show him on the map the route you will take to get there and have him help navigate there by feeding him the upcoming turns, such as 'we are going to make a left at the third light, so you count the lights'.

My husband still freaks out when he is in an unfamiliar area - even if we are just a few towns away from where we live. I still have to point out to him that we have our GPS and there are plenty of places to stop and get help if we need it.

Missy | Literal Mom said...

OMG my kids do the same thing yours do when I get even partially lost. In our own city. Where are we? Are we lost? What are we going to do? I'm scared? Mommy, I think you need to call Daddy."

It's sad and maddening at the same time.

Hopes@Staying Afloat! said...

Kids and their memories are just AMAZING!!!

When Big T was a baby he had a huge fear of bees, for no reason...he's never been stung. But he was scared of them anyways. He still is, but now its been narrowed down to hornets and wasps since they don't make honey! HA!


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