Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Beginner's Guide to Running - Footwear

I have always been quite random when it comes to running sneakers.  Sometimes Nike, sometimes Adidas, sometimes Saucony...

My last pair of sneakers were these trendy Nikes, which, truth?  Yes, they looked cool, but man, they jacked up my knees.

I had never shopped for sneakers at a specialty running store before, but I was thinking that that was exactly what I needed to do this time.  Have someone evaluate me and the way I run and then tell me which sneakers would work best for me.

Have you guys ever done this before? 

I highly recommend it.

After watching me run on the treadmill, the saleslady recommended I try either Brooks, Asics or Saucony, which are the best (and thus, the most popular) running shoes.  (Although my BFF Andrea is a personal trainer and swears by Mizunos for running.) 

What was funny was that they were selling the exact Nikes I was wearing in the store.  I asked the saleslady if they were good running shoes and was met with an emphatic no.

When I questioned, why then, do you see sooooo many runners at races wearing Nike sneakers, her response was simple, "Great marketing on their part."


So I quite liked the Brooks, but am definitely partial to Sauconys, having worn them in the past.  I like the high arch in them and how cushy they are.
And then, I was told something I had NEVER been told before. 

Did you know that you are supposed to wear at least a 1/2 size to one full size UP for running shoes???

No clue.

So instead of my normal 7-1/2 to 8 that I have worn ALL MY LIFE, I discovered I needed a size 8-1/2 for running!

But then, I became THAT customer.  The one who took in all the information and then left, not buying anything.

I am frugal like that.

Instead, I took my newly acquired knowledge and went to DSW and found what I wanted, at a MUCH cheaper price.
So two lessons here kiddos:

1.  Wear at least 1/2 to 1 size BIGGER for your running shoes; and

2.  Shop around!  There's no need to spend upwards of $100 on a pair of sneaks at a specialty store when you can find the EXACT SAME ONES for much less at a discount store.  And yes, I realize they may only sell last year's models at places like DSW, but to me, that doesn't really matter.

Happy running!  (What brand of sneakers do YOU wear?  Inquiring minds wanna know!)


beenomom said...

Funky! I always knew running sneakers tend to run small but I had no idea you were actually supposed to wear them a half size bigger as well! Where did you go to get evaluated and personally fitted for your running style?

Le said...

A great running shop is always willing to share and educate their customer. In the future, I'd ask you to consider making a purchase from them. If I read correctly, they spent significant time and energy helping you to find the right shoes for your body. It is important to support local businesses that care enough to invest and educate their staff or they may not be there in the future. Run Happy!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

My dad always tells me I need to size up in running shoes but I told him to shove it. Now that you've confirmed it (and I know he didn't pay the saleslady at your store to size you up)... I might need a bigger pair. Oops!

Amanda said...

Dude, I just keep getting bumps from the universe to run. I like adidas and new balance. And lower case letters apparently.

justme said...

i wear brooks and i have orthodics, it is super important to make sure if you are running you have the right shoe, you can get seriously injured. i would highly recommend always getting your gait analyzed if possible

HaB said...

My running sneakers are made by Nike. I've only every run in Nike and never had any issues. They certainly are not fancy Nike runners, just run of the mill runners, but, still, no issues.

And, yes, I knew the piece about needing a 1/2 size bigger. Last year when I bought new runners, I was the crazy girl jogging/running up and down the isle at the local discount shoe store.

Beth said...

I usually buy a half size bigger in my running shoe, but I've much preferred my Nikes to the other brands I've worn. I've wanted to go to a specialty running store, but the cost makes me nervous, and I'm too chicken to leave without buying!

Beth said...

I usually buy a half size bigger in my running shoe, but I've much preferred my Nikes to the other brands I've worn. I've wanted to go to a specialty running store, but the cost makes me nervous, and I'm too chicken to leave without buying!

Unknown said...

I've always had problems with Nike, too! I am an Asics girl now for the past 10 years. I rarely have any knee, ankle, hip issues since I switched. (And yes - I got a running consultation for my style, too...)

Judy said...

Saucony shoes are exactly what I bought when I began this runathon! Love the arches! And mine? Ross for $24! ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Ascis all the way. Ascis are the only ones my chiro and coach will let me wear. You should check out a website you guys have over there for shoes, east bay runners I think. Good prices.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on the structure of your feet and your running style (how your foot hits the ground). My daughter wears Nikes but my son cannot (wide toe box!). My husband runs in Adidas but I've found Brooks are best for me.

Heather said...

Okay so I totally never heard about the buy a size up thing. Totally makes sense and I bet my feet would feel so much better. And now I kind of feel like an idiot because apparently most everyone else knew about this.

Insurance Check said...

It is important to support local businesses that care enough to invest and educate their staff or they may not be there in the future. Run Happy!

Brigid said...

I have a pair of Saucony that I love. Though my knee is jacked right now - not sure if I need new shoes, a new way to walk/run, a new kneecap, or a new way to sleep. Is it possible to jack your knee sleeping funny?!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I buy from a specialty running store. Here is why: I had a pair of Brooks that I loved and got at Marathon Sports. I forgot to wear them when I went to The Running Company and couldn't even remember the brand. The guy there had me run, talked about my gait and pulled out some shoes for me to try. (I go up a FULL size in running shoes). After trying on 10 pairs, I ended up buying a pair. He said, "I bet these are the same version of your old sneakers." I went home and, yup, same shoe. Good running shoe people know what they are doing. And I'm ok with paying a little extra than running around (heh) to find them for a few dollars less.

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