Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Washing Machine Woes

(To be sung to "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys")
Mamas, don't let your children collect rocks in their pockets.
Don't let 'em keep treasures or change in their shorts.
So make sure you check before you do laundry, my dear.
Mamas don't let your children collect rocks in their pockets.
'Cause they'll never be found and they're always around...

So yeah.  That.

It happened 48 hours before we left for vacation.  All of a sudden, my preshus washer stopped draining.  It would just stop suddenly in the middle of a cycle, and the lights would start blinking.  All with sopping wet clothes inside.  A few times I was able to clear the program, and then hit the "Drain and Spin" button.  And that would work.  But soon enough that method stopped working altogether...

...and I was left with pounds of wet clothing.

Fun times!

All while I was trying to pack for vacation!

Plus Hubby and Eldest needed their baseball uniforms cleaned!

Sears was called for repairs.  And we were told that they couldn't come out to us until AUGUST FIRST.

Seriously, Sears?!

So we (I) sucked it up.  And made a vow to come HOME from vacation with all clean clothes, because we had a washer/dryer at the Cape.

Yeah, notsomuch.  Can you say Mount Saint Laundry?

Finally, the dude showed up on Monday.

Diagnosis:  Broken pump

Reason:  Clogged

Cost to replace/fix:  $300


Trust me, you're glad that picture doesn't have smell-o-vision.  As soon as the repairman opened up the washer, a reeking smell of mildew permeated my upstairs.

And!  And!

He had to pull out a STRETCHY WINTER MITTEN that had gotten stuck somewhere in there.

(I'm sparing you the nasty picture of that.  I didn't take one because I was gagging too hard.)

Reason that the glove had made its way where it DIDN'T BELONG?


My bad.

So learn a lesson from me, my dears.

1.  Empty all pockets before doing laundry (which is pretty self-evident, I know, but uhhh...yeah.  I never do.  Errr....DID.  Will now.)

2.  No matter how sick you are of washing load after load after load of laundry (while cursing your husband and children and hey, that's not dirty!  Why is it in the laundry?  Do they think I was put here on this earth to do their frigging laundry all the time?  *ahem*), try not to cram clothes into one load.  Clue:  If you have to lean on the washer door to close it?  You have too much in there.  Cuz you never know where that sock, or chapstick, or damn winter glove could end up!

Class dismissed.


Manic Mommy said...

Strangest thing I ever found in the bottom of my washer? A teeny-tiny Lego Yoda. I never check their pockets either.

I hate my washer with a passion. Its ability to actually spin the water out of the clothing is practically non-existent. I am limping it along because when we move, I want new front loaders.

Suzie said...

Oh no!!! When that happened to us (right after a vacation with our mounds of laundry) we booked it right over to the laundromat. Two and a half hours later ALL eight loads were done! I took every piece of dirty clothing in the house (there are six of us) and all of anything that needed to be washed, took up a load of washers and dryers, and packed the van full. Hope that never happens to you again, but if it does, finishing up all the laundry in 2.5 hours was fantastic!

amanda said...

a couple of weeks ago my husband left a small screwdriver in his pocket with like five various screws nuts and bolts. argh.

ps - i love when you sneak into my world and say hello. and i love catching up on all things you! hope you are well :)

Maureen said...

oh crap... I had just come upstairs after overloading my washer when I read this.


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