Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running Away From the Funk

Every morning I think about running.

Key word being "think".  I don't actually "do".

Every evening after work, I think about how I *should* try to squeeze in a run.

But I don't.

That all changed yesterday.

I'm not sure if I have quite hit rock bottom, but I'm definitely pretty close.  And by rock bottom, I mean being so utterly sick of myself and the way I feel that I FINALLY start to make changes instead of just wallowing in my misery (and lack of anything even remotely resembling motivation).

So last night I got home from work (After eating 2 slices of pizza AND some fries for lunch.  Remember, wallowing?) and the boyz were getting ready for football practice.  I realized that I would actually have time for a run.  Hubby could drive the boyz to practice, and I could get myself ready and RUN there.


According to my Nike+ GPS, I hadn't run since August 9.  And even that was less than 3 miles...

I looked around at my house.

A mess.

I could stay behind and clean up.  Put the leftover mac and cheese away.  Pick up the scattered footwear.  Throw in some laundry.  Do the dishes in the sink.  Vacuum.

And then drive myself down to the football field.

I took a deep breath.

And chose to ignore my surroundings, focusing only on getting myself ready.  For a run.

Fully dressed, with iPhone strapped to my arm and Nike+GPS all set to go, I took off.

This was a BIG step.

And I took it.

(3.8 miles in 36 minutes.)


Jennifer said...

That is amazing. I haven't gone to the gym all summer. I knot that is horrible. This summer has been the perfect storm of madness.

justme said...

good for you. sometimes it is better to take care of yourself instead of the house, the kids, work, or hubby. YOU matter

Jodie said...

I "heart" Sarah!:) As my good friend told me once - "just don't stop moving for 30 minutes. Even if you walk that's fine just DON'T STOP!"

Judy said...

YAY!!!!! Way to jump back in!

(I'm up to a fifteen minute run now - aiming for 16 in the morning)

Maureen said...


Anonymous said...

Good job! That's great news. I just wish the house would magically clean itself, you know?

Rebecca said...

YES!!! Once you get started again, you'll be on your way!


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