Tuesday, August 02, 2011


1.  When you are instructed to take posed pictures of your Hubby's friend making drinks to taunt him because Hubby is still coaching baseball and is not there...it's VACATION!

2.  When you and your girlfriend leave the Cape house to "buy groceries" and end up face-down in a platter of fried clams...it's VACATION!

3.  When you find sand in crevices that should definitely NOT have sand...it's VACATION!

4.  When you are determined to dig to China (and have the time to do so because you are on the beach from 9-5 everyday)...it's VACATION!

5.  When the fact that you have a pouting child doesn't even annoy you because you are so relaxed...it's VACATION!

6.  Or the fact that your husband being utterly consumed with baseball doesn't annoy you because you are still so relaxed...it's VACATION!

7.  When a ripped screen door causes much amusement and laughter and mocking and Facebook posts and pictures...it's VACATION! (all pics and captions below taken from actual Facebook entries)

"Screen vs. Becky.  Poor screen."
"Becky-proofing our sliders"

"Vacation home $2,000; alcohol $500; screen repair kit $6;
Becky walking through the screen door...priceless!"

And then finally, this from Becky: 
"All fixed..hope my good friends can find something else to entertain them now!!!"

8.  When you furiously attempt to get JUST ONE GOOD PHOTO DAMMIT of your group of unruly children...it's VACATION!

9.  When you leave your beach vacation with 3 extra boys in tow to watch your son and husband celebrate a State Championship win and arrive back at the Cape past 11pm to everyone still awake and waiting with congratulatory balloons, ice cream cake, and cameras flashing (and drinks ready for you)...it's VACATION!

10.  When you can coordinate a much-needed mini-reunion with your best Myrtle Beach girls and all the kiddos...it's VACATION!
The Moms
Our Offspring

11.  When you collectively decide to screw making dinner! and just stay on the beach and have pizza delivered right to you...it's VACATION!

12.  When you can sit and relax with your girlfriends (because your children have just eaten pizza for dinner and are now involved in a massive game of Pickle) and play cards while the sun sets and your husbands pack up all the gear...it's VACATION!
13.  When you are already thinking about Cape Cod 2012 and making plans to return to the same place, with the same people, you know it was A GREAT VACATION!


The Sisters' Hood said...

Looks picture perfect!

Maureen said...

Vacation in the trenches = good times!

Adrienne said...

Great post! Congrats to the ball players and the relaxed mom!! Looks and sounds like you had a blast!

MommaKiss said...

that's how you do vacation!

congrats on the win:)

amanda said...

simply amazing!


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