Friday, August 12, 2011

First-Time Stitches and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Well, I made it through almost 10 years of Motherhood without a rushed Emergency Room visit rife with blood.  Pretty good for a mother of 3 little boyz, eh?

That ended yesterday.
Let's call this:  Little Boy On Scooter Meets Back Of Big Brother's Bike

I got the call at work from Hubby.

"Hi dear.  Your parents called me.  I'm at home, and it seems we are headed to the ER.  Baby split his head..."

Needless to say, I dropped the phone and rushed to meet Hubby, my Mom and Baby at the hospital.

By then, Baby was pretty calm.  He's the toughest of my three, BY FAR.  I mean, this is the child who had cavities filled WITHOUT NOVOCAINE.

My mom, however, was still a bit shaky.  She saw the entire thing.  But thankfully, Baby was wearing a helmet.  Although we were still concerned about a) a concussion and b) a broken nose.  (He had neither.)

With a facial injury like that, of course there is concern about scarring.  The doctor who treated Baby was awesome though.  He used the super-thin plastic surgery stitches and advised us to have him wear a hat the rest of the summer if he's outside (or use SPF 50 on his face); keep it moist with Bacitracin and not let it scab; and put aloe vera on it every night.  He also put him on a 3-day antibiotic and the stitches (7!) will come out next week.

You guys, he was so brave!  Just laying there with his eyes closed.  Very still.  (They had put lidocaine on the wound for 30 minutes to numb him beforehand.)

Just before I took this picture, I was the one holding his hand.  But then my phone rang. 

It was my Sis.

I figured she was calling for an update on Baby.

But she was calling to tell us that she herself had been injured as well.

Except, she?


It happened while she was on vacation.  Body surfing in the ocean.  And she just fell/twisted/got tossed wrong.  That Atlantic Ocean is a Bitch.

My first-time marathon-training Sis who has been training diligently to run Hartford in the fall.  Now with T4 and T5 compression fractures.

And if that's not enough crap action for our family in one day?

My brother Dan got his orders.  He thinks he's leaving on Sunday for Afghanistan.  His cell phone is being shut off tomorrow.

Baby is fine.  He was pretty proud walking around the football field last night (no football for 1-2 weeks) showing off his wound.

And my parents are headed to CT today for the weekend to take care of my Sis.

And my brother Dan will endure and prevail.

And my mother deserves a week month year at a luxury spa resort.

The Accident Scene

Still intact though?  Our sense of humor.  Because why cry when you can laugh?


Jodie said...

poor baby, poor sis. And Dan. He will do well and come home safe! Love your chaulk outline:)

Michele R said...

Breath held during entire post--wow, that is a lot going on! Best wishes to everyone!

Deb said...

Oh, Sarah.... You just can't make this stuff up! Hope everything turns out ok...

Making It Work Mom said...

So now I am questioning my mothering skills. We have had too many ER visits to even remember, 3 broken bones, 2 broken ribs, 10 stitches, 3 staples, 1 skin glue, and 1 dislocated elbow, and 1 child rescued from drowning in the pool. Maybe I need to rethink my supervision strategies.

I bet Baby LOVES his chalk outline.

Sending best wishes to your Sis and Dan.

Judy said...

Wow -when it rains, it pours, huh? Today will hopefully be better for all of you.

Prayers for your family...especially Dan.

Mari said...

Laughing cures all! Love the last picture. Your family is in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

omg...that chalk outline made me laugh. sorry about your kid and your sister! geez!!! what a crazy day...much love to your brother too. you guys need a bit of a break, eh?

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a lot going on in one day. I don't often comment but just want to let you know I am thinking of your family.


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