Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Color of Sneakers

We really haven't had much luck when it comes to sneaker shopping for Middle.

Remember this?!

The irony:  He STILL prefers to wear his cousin's hand-me-down Nikes over those damn Pumas that cost us our marriage $60!

(So, I win.)

This week, Gramma and Poppa so kindly offered to take all 3 boyz back-to-school sneaker shopping.  Hubby and I heartily agreed because we're no fools.

So, Eldest's new sneakers for 4th grade are colorful and retro and certainly would not be MY choice, but hey, he's the one who wanted them, much to Hubby's chagrin.

(Think circa DJ Jazzy Jeff.)
Parents just don't understand.

Baby came home with nothing.  Apparently he wanted the exact SAME sneakers as Eldest (not a shocker there) for his big debut as a 1st grader, but they didn't have them in his size, so he just figured he would come home and that Hubby and I would readily agree to "buy them from the computer" (his words).  Ummm, that would be a NO.  (And yes, we are TOTALLY LYING and telling him sorry bud, they don't come in your size.  Sue us.)

And then there's Middle.

Who was soooo proud of his new sneakers for 2nd grade.

His new ORANGE sneakers, he kept calling them.


Well, they're kinda pink.


From my Mom:  "He saw them right away.  He said he wanted those orange sneakers.  And they DID look orange(ish) in the store!"  *shoulder shrug*  "So we bought them." 

The Nike box is orange.  The sneakers...are not. 

What would you do?


Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Trev got the exact same sneaks as Caleb.... yea... hello early 90's! ugh

alimartell said...

Well, what does HE think?
Does he like them? if he does, it's a no-brainer really. The answer is yes. He should wear them!

beenomom said...
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beenomom said...

The athlete had to have those same sneakers last year for Christmas. He got them in neon yellow. One word: HIDEOUS! The only plus: I never lost him in a crowd. I could see those puppies from a mile away!

This year we're back to liking running sneakers. Reebok Zigs to be exact. You can get a custom pair too he tells me, if you want to pay $100 and wait 3 months, because that is how long the wait list is!

Super savvy and awesome mom that I am, I found them and put them on hold at the Reebok outlet in Wrentham. Still paid an arm and a leg but not nearly that much.

This is just the beginning too. We are definitely entering the territory of what's cool and everyone just has to have them era.
Fun times!

Country-Fried Mama said...

I'm getting my first taste of "back-to-school" (first-time school in our case) sneaker shopping.

My 5-year-old wants sparkle sneakers with lights. I'm not sure if such a thing really exists, but I might have to try the, "they don't have it in your size" excuse if we are unlucky enough to find such a heinous shoe.

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Adrienne said...

I tried very hard as a mommy not to "major in the minors" which meant hard lines on things like respect and sleep, and made for several (ok, make that many
interesting fashion stages. The clothes thing, to me, was always an extension and harmless expression of themselves...and I had bigger battles to wage and win!

Anonymous said...

He may not see them as pink, but surely other boys will. Spare him some heartache. Totally agree on the price craziness, though your husband has logic in the amortization view. No winning.

Maureen said...

I love that line from previous comment. I totally major in the minors...


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