Friday, August 05, 2011

Cohabitating With the Parental Units in My Trenches

So...Granny 911 is back in town with us until almost the end of August.  Except, this time?  She brought her sidekick.

Poppa!  (My dad.)
Yep, that's right.  Both of my parents living with us.  Full-time.  For almost 3 more weeks. 

So here's my list of pros and cons about the situation at hand:


1.  I have not even had to LOOK at my washing machine or dryer since we got back from vacation.  Clean and folded clothes just magically appear on my bed!

2.  Same goes for clean sheets.  Ahhh, clean sheets.  Clean sheets on beds that I didn't have to strip or put back together again.  Heaven.

Yes, seriously.  That's my freshly made bed with York Peppermint Patties jokingly sarcastically lovingly placed on the pillows by my mom.

3. They take daily bike rides with the boyz. And play catch. And basketball.

My mom is cooler than your mom.

4.  They take the boyz to the library.  And do an hour of "schoolwork"/reading each day.  I have BEGGED Eldest all summer to puh-leeze tackle his THREE book projects.  In just this week under my parents' supervision?  He got two of them done.

5.  When I get home from work, the boyz are fed, water bottles are filled, and everyone is all ready for football practice. Without any screaming cajoling from me to find missing cleats, water bottles, mouthpieces, etc.  This, right here, constitutes pure joy.

6.  They are so cute waiting for us to get home every night from practice.  Mom in the rocker with her iPad; Dad on the couch watching sports.  Waiting for me so we can all watch Big Brother together.  True story.


1.  More mouths to feed.  Oh, ha ha ha ha!  Good one, eh?  Like I even have time to cook anyway with our crazy sports-filled summer!  I think the last time I actually prepared a meal was before the trees were in nevermind this first one.

2.  No "frolicking" in the family room after the boyz go to bed.  Oh wait...that never happens anyway.  Except for that one time...

3. Hubby's and my arguments with each other are more carefully worded, because we now have an audience. Come to think of it...this isn't actually a bad thing at all...

4.  No more getting drunk and silly.  Because who wants to get drunk and silly in front of their parents?  Oops, nevermind.  They actually like to drink with us and then we ALL get drunk and silly.  So scratch that.

So yeah.  There actually aren't any cons to having my parents stay with us this month.

I think we'll keep them.


Manic Mommy said...

And your mom is the one who taught you how to make a bed so it's made just the way you like it. Dude, you are in heaven! I hope your parents see this post.

(I like to drink and be silly with my mom, too)

justme said...

sounds awesome

Anonymous said...

Fabulously lucky!! I love your blog!! Thanks :)

@SierraSez said...

Incredibly fortunate - you deserve the joy of every moment. And re-write this post in a week and see how it's going :) Hopefully the same...

Heather said...

Words can not express my jealousy right now.


Grudgingly through clenched teeth says "I'm happy for you. Really."

Judy said...

After having a relative live with us for the past three months, I can definitely tell you've lucked out! I'd have been thrilled with a tenth of this! Congrats!

Vodka Logic said...

Awesome, can I borrow your parents. I have sooo much laundry to do.

Maureen said...

I think you should contact a real estate agent in your home town to list their house for sale. Then you can have them all to yourself... forever!

It sounds positively dreamy. Enjoy every minute of it - what a gift.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your experience is a common one, so congrats and enjoy!

Rebecca said... nice to read a post where someone actually likes their parents! What a fun time to spend together! Love it!


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