Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Wear Jockey

I am so excited to have been chosen for the first "I wear Jockey®” blog campaign!  I mean, hello?  We all wear underwear, right???  (Unless, of course, you choose to go *commando*.)  (Or, as my boyz like to call it, *freeballin'*)  And as I am not partial to any particular brand, I was psyched to receive my package in the mail.  The boyz, however, were NOT impressed.  They love when I receive fun packages in the mail, but underwear for Mommy certainly qualified as Not Fun.  Whatever.

Jockey was kind enough to send me 4 different items from the Women's  Jockey® staycool collection:

A pack of the staycool Bikinis; a pack of the staycool granny panties Modern Briefs; a staycool Reversible T Shirt; and a staycool Reversible Tank

According to Jockey®, their staycool collection is developed with Outlast®  technology to help your skin feel up to 3 degrees cooler.  3 degrees can be the difference between too hot and juuuuuust right.  These garments help cool the micro-climate surrounding your skin to maintain your ideal skin temperature.

From a layman's point of view, I gotta say that the bikini underwear is great (and I'm wearing them right now, as a matter of fact).  It's soft and doesn't ride up.  The elastic waistband is comfortable and the style is basic, but not frumpy.  The Modern Briefs, on the other hand, just weren't my style.  Yes, they would be great for those "not so fresh feeling" period days, but I don't like it when my underwear waistband rides up above my actual pants line.  I'm just not a "modern briefs" type of underwear-wearer. 

The reversible tank is awesome.  Comfy and form fitting - perfect for underneath a tank top or even on its own as a sleep shirt.  I wore it for 2 days straight.  Gross, but true.

And hey!  Jockey® was kind enough to provide me with 10 coupon codes for 25% off + FREE shipping on all Jockey® staycool styles!  [Email me at sarahviz(at)yahoo(dot)com for details!]

Happy Underwear Shopping from me to you!

Jockey® provided me with the above-referenced items for purposes of this review.  As always, opinions expressed are my own.

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Judy said...

I'm a JOckey girl, too...love their bikini undies!


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