Monday, July 18, 2011

Hell Week

Hell Week.

This is mine.

But when I make it through, I will have a glorious week of vacation on Cape Cod head of me!

Same children; same beach; new memories

(Aside:  We My friend Mary scrambled this weekend to find us a NEW Cape house--the house we rented next week FLOODED and won't be inhabitable.  Are you kidding me?!  So that was fun.  But, it turns out, we are now CLOSER to the beach with our new house. For the same price.  Win.)

I think I can, I think I can...

Today:  Work all day; lunch hour trip to BJ's and Target for vacation stuff; baseball game at 6:00.  (Does it make me a bad mother to sometimes kinda sorta wish for my son's/husband's team to lose so we can HAVE A NIGHT OFF FROM BASEBALL?  But they keep winning and thus advancing in these tournaments, dammit.)  My father and brother arrive today as well!  The upside:  Uncle Dan will get to watch Eldest play tonight.

Tuesday:  Work all day; yearly physicals for Middle and Baby at 3:00 (haven't figured out the logistics behind who's taking them yet...); possible baseball game at 6:00 (if they win tonight). 

Wednesday:  Work all day; NO BASEBALL GAME; buy remaining vacation groceries and pack for Cape.

Thursday:  Work 1/2 day; blog lunch; prepare for 6:00 going-away party for Dan.  As of now, we have at least 50 people coming to honor my brother Dan and to thank him for his service to our country before he heads to Afghanistan for a year.  I asked everyone to bring something to donate to the troops, so we will have a nice care package to send over once he sends us his info. 

(Aside:  I haven't even thought about having to say goodbye to him yet.  Cannot spare a second to dwell on that.  Too hard.)

Friday:  Say a very difficult farewell to my baby brother.  And then, work all day?  And then, finish up packing for Cape?

By then, I'm sure I will be still hungover from Thursday night running on adrenaline and steam.

But early on Saturday morn, Middle, Baby and I will hop in the packed-to-the-brim SUV and head south to Cape Cod.  The State baseball tournament also starts next Saturday, so Hubby and Eldest are (sadly) staying behind to play 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday - with the possibility of playing even further into Monday/Tuesday.

But they will eventually meet up with us.

And then?  Our family vacation will OFFICIALLY begin!

Can't wait.

Eldest got to meet Nomaaaaahhhh! (for real that's how you say it if you're from Massachusetts)

 Eldest is front of him in maroon

And those Big Brother recaps I said I'd be doing?

Yeah.  Notsomuch. 


Adrienne said...

yeah, I don't know what to say to that! I was upset earlier cause no one was helping me clean the basement and put the trash out... I'll get a grip and stop complaining now! LOVE it that the uncle gets to see some nephew baseball. God bless your brother ~ you'll all be in my thoughts. Would love to contribute to care package (I'm in Woburn, MA) if that's helpful...(after vacation, of course!)

MommaKiss said...

good luck this week ;) And Thank You to your brother for serving our country.


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