Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Brother - Week 1 - Power of Veto

So idiot Porsche CRIES because she's been nominated.  Not realizing that the Veterans are wanting to SAVE her and pretty much HAND HER the Golden Key...

...and then "Evel Dick" is gone.  From the house.  From the competition.  I searched around online and the rumor is that it had something to do with his girlfriend.

Daniele actually showed emotion in this episode!  It's gotta be hard for her - I mean, let's face it:  Her father calls himself EVEL (spelled wrong) DICK and paints his fingernails black and she hasn't spoken to him in 3 years (I also saw that this fact had been confirmed and that the two of them weren't making it up in the name of "game play".)  So she decides to go back on the air with him and then HE LEAVES?  Kinda sucks for her.

But seriously, Veterans?  How many times in one episode can all of you (minus Jeff, who is the only level-headed/normal/rational person in that group, apparently) whine BUT IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRRRR....

Suck it up, Buttercups.

So the Power of Veto competition is played.  In superhero costumes that are most definitely nut-huggers on the male contestants.

And Brendan and Rachel win, hands-down.

Summary:  The Power of Veto, won by Brendan and Rachel, is NOT used.  Nominations of Keith and Porsche remain.


Heather said...

The whole Evel Dick thing is weird. What could have possibly happened. I loved Jeff's motivational speech - it was classic!

I always wonder if I would look as stupid as the people of Big Brother do if I was on there- are they really just stupid or is it the editing that makes them appear that way? Things to think about

justme said...

i have not been watching but i need ur recaps tks


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