Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Brother - Week 1 - Nomination Ceremony

1.  Porsche Car is a moron for thinking that she can outwit the Veterans right off the bat.  She's obviously thinking with her tits, not her pea-brain.

2. I think the "Regulators" alliance was a good idea.  Although thinking about who has the numbers on their side makes my head hurt.  I could never play this game.

3.  The Have/Have Not competition was extremely moronic.  And kinda sexual.  In a gross way.

4.  The more air time that Rachel gets (putting on her makeup whilst discussing plastic surgery), the more I wonder if she's an actual real person. Like can someone REALLY BE that annoying in real life?  (Actually, I just answered my own question.  I know a few people that annoying, come to think of it.)

5.  I like Daniele.

Summary:  Rachel nominates Keith and Porsche Car for eviction.  Rachel & Co. wants Keith out, but Keith is in the secret "Regulators" foursome alliance, so he automatically has 3 votes.


Amy said...

I too am a working mother of three - ages 2, 3 & 5. Reading your blog is like a glimpse into my future!!! And I will deny this to the end but I am OBSESSED with Big Brother and am counting the minutes til kids are asleep and it's 8:00...

Anonymous said...

Will you marry me? I have never met anyone who watches (with obsession) Big Brother. Been watching since my breastfeeing summer of 2003! I lived for it! I still love it but 3 kids later have to dvr and watch at a later time.

Sincerely Iowa said...

My kids have gotten me hooked on this season of BB! I have never watched more than bits and pieces of it in the past, so I knew who Brendan and Rachel were, and Jeff/Jordan... but Evil Dick and Danielle were new to me.

I'm kinda liking Shelly and Cassi, because they are laying low and not drawing a lot of attention to themselves.

I'm really hoping Porsche gets evicted. I can't stand her and her fake boobs.


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