Monday, June 13, 2011

A Hectic Weekend

So my Hubby re-scheduled his knee surgery for last Friday.  The day before we were hosting Middle's seventh birthday party.  (Complete with bouncy house and about ten little 1st graders.)  The same day that I was chaperoning the zoo trip with Baby's kindergarten class.  The same day that the bouncy house needed to be picked up. 

Oh, and we had about 7 people in our yard all day Thursday and Friday because we are (FINALLY) getting our backyard landscaped.

Yes, I was completely frazzled.  Yes, I never sat down until Sunday.  But yes, it all worked out.

Our backyard looks AMAZING.  We have lived in our Trenches for 10 years now, going without a backyard all this time.  If we had even imagined how great it was gonna turn out, I think we probably would have prioritized our spending differently and done all this MUCH sooner!  Seriously.
That new flat dirt part used to be all hilly and rocky and overgrown with weeds.  Visions of a hammock, outdoor lighting and a fire pit are dancing in my head...

The expanded deck will reach to the end of the rocks. 
Nothing better than a big deck, right?  Heh.

The zoo trip.  It was well, LOUD.  And LONG.  As is to be expected with kindergarteners.  Let's put it this way, I Facebooked this entry:

"Ok so we've raced through the entire zoo (because "walk" is a word not comprehended by 6yr olds); eaten lunch; and played on playground! What's that you say? It's not even 11:00? And we don't have to be on bus until 1:15? Shit."

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Doe, a deer, a female deer...

In the meantime?  That morning?  Hubby had to catch a ride to the hospital for his surgery, so his dad dropped him off.  His surgery was scheduled for 1:00. 

So by the time I got home from the zoo and walked in the door, it was after 2:00.  The surgeon called me to let me know that Hubby's surgery went well and that he was in recovery.  That I didn't even really need to come in to see him - she could have the nurses could call me once he was ready to go, and I could just pick him up at the front door of the hospital!

Trust me, I contemplated doing this.

But then I felt guilty.  So after the babysitter and I set up the bouncy house all by ourselves (girl power!), I headed to the hospital, to actually GO IN and SIT with him while he recovered. 

Once he was fully conscious, he asked me how long I had been there.  I totally wanted to lie and say ALL DAY, DEAR.  Heh.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear cold, dark and rainy.  Just perfect for an outdoor party!  Grrrrrrr.

But the Birthday Boy was not deterred. 


All Saturday morning, whilst Hubby was high on life Vicodin and watching movies with the boyz, I worked my ass off. 

Baking cupcakes, making appetizers, cleaning the house, cleaning the garage, setting up...

Fruit kabobs...because WHY NOT have children racing around with sharp pointy sticks?

And then soon enough, it was PARTY TIME!

The pinata aftermath - never stand between children and candy. 
Thankfully no adults were harmed.

So now the weekend is over.  And I can look back and laugh about how crazy I am it was. 

But now Baby's 6th birthday is in 2 weeks.  Send wine.


Maureen said...

The backyard looks great! And you are a rock star - chaperoning alone earned you a medal - not to mention everything else you did.

Adrienne said...

For my money, the thing that may elevate you ABOVE rock star status, is that you got photos AND documented all the excitement!!! Way to go!

Making It Work Mom said...

I can't wait to see the yard. It looks great! So impressed that you are getting a project started and completed, now if you could just send some of that energy my way.

I love love love the picture of the boys V. deer.


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