Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Boy, Age 7

Dear Middle,

I have been struggling to come up with the right words for you on this, your seventh birthday.  I think I'm having a hard time because you are so unique.  Your daddy and I are constantly looking at each other with the "Did he really just say that?" looks that we give each other when you are in the room.  Because you totally crack us up, kid.

You are constantly confused.  Your favorite phrases are "I just don't get it" and "But what do you meeeaaaaan by that?"  You are our deep thinker.  If you don't understand something, well, then, you are going to keep asking us questions until you DO understand.

Who knew that you, the child who cried from the time he was born until he turned 6 months old, would now constantly make us laugh?  Not me.

And who knew you would instantaneously go from colicky crying baby to Big Brother?  Not me again.

You at age 1

It's hard to be the middle child, I imagine.  You kinda get lost in the shuffle, don't you?  Your older brother demands a lot of attention with his athletics, and your younger brother demands a lot of attention with his mischievous behavior.  But you?  You just go with the flow.  My low maintenance boy.

You at age 2

You are content to be HOME and not on-the-go.  You love your music, your iPad games, your word searches, and your puzzles.

You at age 3

You make me nervous with how skinny you are, but when you are hungry, you eat a ton!  Your favorite foods these days are cream cheese bagels, bologna/mustard/cheese sandwiches ( in your lunchbox) and I'm embarrassed at the number of hot dogs you consume.  The only fruit you will even consider is watermelon, but you love each and every green vegetable we put in front of you.  Weirdo.

You at age 4

You are our silent competitor.  Daddy and I tend to not give you enough credit when it comes to sports, but man, you are GOOD.  Making those football tackles.  Shooting baskets.  Catching pop flies.  Hitting the ball. 

You at age 5

For the past two years, we have celebrated your birthday as a family in Myrtle Beach.  This year though, you spoke up.  "I don't wanna have my birthday at the beach.  Can I please have a friend birthday?"

You at age 6

You wanted nothing more than to buy party invitations, fill them out yourself, and proudly carry those envelopes into school to pass out to your friends.  How could I say no?

And so, on this day, we are throwing a party in our trenches.  A friend birthday party, just as you requested.  Complete with pizza, pinata and bouncy house.  All to celebrate seven years of you, Middle!

Happy Seventh Birthday to my Best Middle Boy.



Judy said...

Happy birthday, Middle! And a party to boot! Love the age of seven, especially with boys. So much fun.

Anthony from CharismaticKid said...

Awww I love deep thinkers at this age! Always asking complex questions and allowing me to think of some awesome answer.

Cassie said...

Happy birthday to him! Hope he had a great day!

MommaKiss said...

That lil man, so cute. Love his invitations :)

Michelle said...

I don't even personally know Middle, but for some reason this post made me get a little teary. :)


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