Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Left Uneaten

Is it just me, or is there one thing, one food item, that you continually buy, totally with the best of intentions, vowing to yourself that THIS WEEK is the week you're gonna be healthy and eat that item

For me, that item is the banana.

(And oh, sometimes the green apple.)

I try my best, I swear.

I bring the banana (and/or apple) to work each and every day.

And then it sits there.

And mocks me.  (If that banana in the picture had a middle finger?  It would be sticking up.)

Getting browner and browner.  And smellier and smellier.  (The banana).

Getting softer and softer.  And duller and duller.  (The green apple.)

Until with a sigh and a flourish, I dutifully toss them in the trash.


Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.


grace @ahead said...

bananas are really good! try them with yogurt or make a fruit salad so they'd look more appealing! the healthy way is the way to go!
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Rene' said...

I am not a banana person, but my kids swear they are and then no one eats them or they keep coming home in their lunch boxes. A lot of times I just end up making banana bread out of them.

Scott & Phoebe said...

I love this! In our house the Rule of Bananas is this: You always buy the wrong amount.

Some weeks we buy a small bunch and they are gone in 2 days. The next week we stock up and therefore, we eat basically NONE and they all go bad.

It's a sickness.

Mari said...

I am with you. I buy them at home and end up throwing them away. When I try to save them for banana bread in the fridge - i just end up throwing them away days later. I sometimes buy one at my work cafeteria (for a dollar!) and end up wathcing it get brown and stinky all week. I love bananas but for some reason, I rarely actually eat them!

Lindsay N. said...

I just threw away a too-brown-to-eat banana yesterday. ....what I should have done was made banana bread or muffins with it. Oops.

You're not the only one, I promise!

Heidi said...

I have the same problem with banana's. I end up putting them in the freezer for banana bread at a later date.

Mary said...

In 23 years of marriage, I think we've actually used up all the bananas without having to throw one away....once. This does not count using the brown bananas for banana bread.

Stuff Parents Need said...

It's apples for me. Bananas can be saved (even when they go brown) just peel and pop in the freezer...they rock in smoothies, and you won't have to feel guilty anymore!

Misfit Mommy said...

I get the big F.U. from the following: grapes, apples, pears and avocados. Deli meats just talk behind my back...

Angella said...

I am not a big fan of bananas. (I'm referring to the fruit, for the record.)

I eat an apple at 9 a.m. every morning for my snack. :)

getting divorced said...

Avocados would be the thing for me. I'd rather eat bananas, apples, grapes and other fruits. Maybe having them with yogurt would help.

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Another Suburban Mom said...

I am also bad with the bananas. I try to sneak them into waffles, pancake batter and muffins, but sometimes I just give up and toss them.


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