Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun With Baby Wipes

Once One no longer has babies in One's trenches, One would think that One would no longer have any use for baby wipes.  I mean, after all, they ARE primarily used to wipe cute little (poopy splattered) tushies, right?

Well, One would be wrong.

My Baby has been potty trained for a number of years now.  Yet, in my trenches, we still buy these wipes in BULK.  Here's why:

Top 10 Uses For Baby Wipes When There's No Longer a Baby Around

10.  Can be used to clean off lint and spilled detergent from tops of washing machine and dryer.

9.  Can be used to quickly spot clean a bathroom in case of emergency (surprise visit from in-laws).

8.  Don't have a tissue?  Use a baby wipe!  Added bonus - it cleans off those dried crusties better than a dry tissue.

7.  Excellent blotter for spilled food on clothing.

6.  Use to quickly wipe crumbs off a table top.

5.  And hey, while you're in the kitchen, use it to quickly swipe countertops/top of stove/front of dishwasher/etc.

4.  What's that on your shoe?  Use a baby wipe to get it off!

3.  Quick hand cleaner when you don't trust your children with hand sanitizer.

2.  Baby wipe containers!  There are millions of uses for these!  We store crayons, baseball cards, and all kinds of art supplies in them.

1.  And the number one reason you should have baby wipes?  2 words:  STOMACH BUG.  The cucumber and green tea flavor is especially soothing.  You'll thank me later.


Anonymous said...

I keep them in my car at all times! Great to wipe off the seat if you have a stray visitor in your car... also great for spills, sticky coffee on the dash... a tissue when necessary and the list goes on and on!

Manic Mommy said...

Totally still buy the wipies for the car! Cleans the kids, cleans the boosters, cleans the armrests...

Triplet Mom said...

I still buy them too! One of the things I use them for is to clean a scrape from a fall. They don't sting, so the kids don't scream in my ear, and they remove the dirt, so I don't have fish around for a facecloth!

Unknown said...

They are definitely great for getting stains out of carpets and apholsty too! I love baby wipes!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love love LOVE baby wipes and I haven't ever had a baby. I use them to dust off the junk that piles up around the house... they clean perfectly.

I like them for wiping lint off the laundry machine too!

Misfit Mommy said...

I too thought I would be finished with baby wipes when Jack finished potty training.

Then we adopted a Saint Bernard.

I think I can stop there.

Anonymous said...

We've definitely cut back on the volume, but still use them pretty much daily. I'll use them after a gym sesh, too, in a pinch if I haven't got the time to shower.

Maureen said...

I keep them in the car and use them daily! And I even wipe down the dashboard with them. My three-year-old has trouble reaching the sink and towel to wash her hands, so to ease the frustration, she cleans her hands off with baby wipes.

And... I have even cleaned the dog's paws with them.

getting divorced said...

Wipes have always been helpful for me. I have them all the time, especially if I have a kid with me. They can just get very messy everywhere. Having the baby wipes help a lot.

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Mary said...

They are the BEST eye makeup remover I've ever found, and the least expensive. I use them to take off all my makeup before I wash my face at night and it's a breeze. Seriously.

I also keep them in the car to clean off the dashboard, the steering wheel, and to wash my hands.


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