Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging About Blogging


Blogger ate my post from yesterday.  I know it was a riveting one about bananas and all, BUT STILL.

(Updated:  Nevermind, it's back.)


I had another post in the queue for today that disappeared as well.

That one was about BABY WIPES.

(Updated:  That one is NOT back.)

I totally slay you with my eloquent prose on here, I'm well aware.

Pulitzer Prize, here I come.

I do have a million and one things to write about though.

But it's Friday.  Afternoon.  Also known as "Wine Thirty".

And so, I shall give you a sneak peek of the wordsmithing you will have to look forward to next week sometime in the near future:

1.  The status of my knee.  Doctor's diagnosis = sprained LCL
      1a.  What the thought of not running has been doing to my mind.
      1b.  What the thought of gaining back weight from not being able to run has been doing to my mind.

(Answers to both 1a and 1b?  NOT GOOD.)

Oh, and can't forget about 1c.  Hating myself while stuffing my face at the same time.  Alternately titled:  Making BAD Food Choices While Throwing One's Self a Pity Party.

2.  Working out with my personal trainer.  Or more like, lack thereof.  See number 1 and all its subsets above.

3.  How Hubby is an excellent coach.  (I have been meaning to write a post on this for awhile now.)

4.  Fun with Baby Wipes.  (I may scream if I have to rewrite that entire post.  It was genius.  GENIUS, I tell you.)

5.  A trip to NYC in the middle of the week to meet Tom Colicchio and Kelly Ripa (again!) (Wavering between hoping she doesn't think I'm a stalker and then realizing that she most likely won't remember me.)  (Whew.)  (And yes, I am most definitely stressing about what to wear this time.)

6.  How we leave for Myrtle Beach in exactly one week and how this trip will be different from all the past years.  (Hint:  Minus the in-laws, with MY parents instead.)  (Happy clapping.)

7.  A post with some of my favorite things this spring.  (Hint:  Instagram on my new white iPhone!  I'm sarahviz on there - come find me!)

8.  Our spring project:  Getting a new big deck!  And backyard landscaping!  (That "big deck" skit is one of my favorites.  Second only, of course, to schwetty balls.  Hi--I have the mentality of a 14 year old boy.)

9.  And finally, a serious post that I've been meaning to write:  Sayonara Celexa.

So stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Hey I just saw a thing on Kelly Ripa and how she loves shoes! Just wear your new red ones and you will be sure to impress!

Anonymous said...

Tell Tom Collichio he's the coolest man ever...... and then tell Kelly Ripa that she and I have identical belly buttons....(she will know what I'm talking about.....) maybe then she will be my friend.


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