Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Blister in the Sun

Oh hi.

Those who have known me for any length of time will not be surprised AT ALL to learn that I have already received my first sunburn of the season.  It's kind of not a shocker.  I do this at least once a year, if not more.

I went to baseball on Sunday with the definite thought in my head, "Oooh, I'd like to get some sun today!" 

(Because we all know that tan fat looks better than white fat.)

Wore shorts, a tank top and flip flops.  Brought my reclining lawn chair.  Plopped myself down facing the sun.

Meanwhile, pretty much all the other spectators were more fully-clothed, as it was about only 60 degrees with a pretty steady wind.  But hey, that's all the more better for getting sun because you don't sweat!

(I'm totally the coolest person I know.)

The time passed quickly.  And hell no, it wasn't because 9 year olds playing baseball is just so enthralling, it was because I had great company.  Terry and Heather and I chatted the entire time (that my body was frying).

About 2 hours in, I started to feel, uh, crispy.

And I knew I was screwed.

(Because you know that a sunburn starts looking worse and worse as the day goes on.  And I was already looking pretty bad at 2pm.)
This is one of those things that I swear, I NEVER LEARN.
Oh yes, of course now I'm telling myself, "Self, you remember how much sunburn hurts?  And looks ugly?  And is so so so so so bad for your skin?" 
And my Self is shaking her head yes in agreement.
We go to Myrtle Beach in less than 3 weeks.
I pretty much should be bathing in SPF 70.
But do you think I will?
What's the one lesson that you never seem to learn?


Serenityville said...

Well, some of us evolve a little quicker than others. I am perfect, and always learn from my mistakes. On the other hand, maybe I'm a tad arrogant. Or living a life of denial? Nah, couldn't be.

Just Jen said...

I got my first sunburn last weekend, too. At a baseball game. It's a really golden brown now, though, so I don't mind!!

Heidi said...

I have learned my lesson about the sun, I burn way to easily.

the lesson I can't seem to learn is to check the diaper bag before I leave the house. We went out to dinner with the kids and my 5 month old filled her diaper almost to the point of a blow out. Looked in the bag and discovered that there were no size 3 diapers and about 3 wipes left. Had to make do with big brothers size 6 diaper.

Shell said...

Oh, ouch! Poor thing!

I never learn, either.

Unknown said...

I am definitely with you on this one! At least one good burn a year, only mine usually happens towards the end of the summer, you know, football season when it is getting cooler so we don't need sunblock anymore!

beenomom said...

You beat me to it!! Sarah, it's so funny that you posted this. That night after the game, my lips felt chapped and when I itched my nose it hurt. I went and looked in the mirror and almost crapped myself. I had a super, cherry red nose and a ghastly white sunglasses tan around my eyes and sides of my face. I looked like an idiot, still do actually only now my nose is tanned and not bright red anymore. I took pictures of my face Monday morning to put up a blog post but haven't gotten around to it yet! I'll try to put up pics of it today on my blog if I get a chance.

The Coupon Goddess said...

There is not enough space in this comment section to list all of the things I've learned in a painful manner, lol. I feel for you about the sunburn. Crunchy skin is never fun. Take a tubby in some aloe and grab a glass of wine. That's what I'd do. :)

Anonymous said...

I have yet to make the link between eating too much chocolate and weight gain/lack of weight loss. If I only have a little, it's not a big deal, right? Ha!

I am paranoid about wrinkles and skin cancer, so I'm a sunscreen girl, but I'm sure the list of stuff I continue to do while ignoring the consequences(e.g., too much wine = hangover) is longer than the stuff I don't do.

MommaKiss said...

Thanks for putting that song in my head.  My husband burned his noggin on Sunday, too - it was surprisingly nice around here! I'm all trying to look way younger than I am and have been religious about putting on my 70 spf sunblock on the face and neck. Not sure it's gonna help at all - but I'm trying

Maureen said...

My lesson -as soon as I start having the kindest thought or warm fuzzy about my MIL, she will do something to send me over the edge.

Sorry about the sun burn - I stopped doing that exact same thing three years ago. It took me forever to learn. I do miss those tans though.

Rebecca said...

I'm so with you on this one with my alarmingly pasty skin, but the one lesson that I never learn is not to get drunk at weddings...

Okay, I went one wedding alternating wine and club soda and that helped a TON, but before that, it was a hard lesson to learn!


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