Saturday, April 09, 2011


Living here in Boston, tickets to major sporting events are "wicked" hard to get.  It saddens me that as a family of five, we have never been to a Sox, Pats, Bruins or Celtics game all together.

And in the past, when I did search for tickets, it made me feel skeezy to know that I was paying jacked-up prices that would just line the pockets of ticket scalpers.

No more.

Enter Tickets-for-Charity.  Where you can "find the seats you want - at the same or better price you'll find elsewhere - and support great causes in the process."

Earlier this week, Hubby and I trekked into Boston after work to attend a blogger event hosted by Tickets-for-Charity and Narragansett Beer.  (Aren't we so wild and crazy?  On a school night.)

The excitement and enthusiasm of the Tickets-For-Charity employees was palpable.  They all love their company and what they do.  And I, in turn, now love them.

We even had a chance to meet Jord Poster, the founder.  He also was one of the founding members of  Nice guy.

So, you ask, how does it work?

*The sports team or performer designates certain seats for "charitable sale".
*Then Tickets-for-Charity offers these seats for face value, plus a pre-determined donation amount.
*100% of face value is remitted to the team/artist.
*100% of the donation amount is distributed to the charity.  (Tickets-for-Charity has partnerships with almost 100 (!) respected charities.)

So as a fan, you are paying the same or better price that you would pay a broker or scalper, but 100% of the benefit above face value supports charity!


Even better?

I am now part of the Tickets-for-Charity blogger ambassador team!  Once a month, I will be bringing you a chance to win a Red-Sox related giveaway here on the blog!  And trust me when I say these giveaways are gonna be goooood.

(Hint:  May = VIP Fenway Park Tour!)

(So to my local readers who I know read, but never comment??? Time to warm up those typing fingers!)

And in the meantime, if you are so inclined, simply click on the Tickets-for-Charity button at the top of my right sidebar to order your tickets through them or call 1-866-567-4576.


And stay tuned for some awesome Sox opportunities!


beenomom said...

Very very cool. Sounds like a worthwhile charity. I confess Jay and I have paid way above for sporting event tickets in the past for him to take the athlete in for B's and C's games. He hasn't been to a Red Sox game yet! And don't even ask me what I paid for Taylor Swift tickets for the princess for her birthday. (Don't mention it to her though because it's a surprise!)
I will definitely be checking them out next time! Thanks for the info.

Patches said...

I read from my email so I never really think about commenting.
This looks great and I have already checked out their website. Thanks for the info!

Laura said...

OMG this is awesome! We used to go to Sox games 4 or 5 times a season, but now that we have a little one, we've been deligated to assignment down in Pawtucket :) where seats are only $11. I will definitely be checking out this site to see what is available (probably still won't be bringing the 2-yr-old for a few more years though!)

Jackie said...

....and, you can probably write off the donation portion on your taxes, right?


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