Thursday, April 07, 2011

School Picture Backgrounds

You know spring is in the air when that little envelope comes home from school in your child's backback.  It's school picture time again!  (Crap, didn't they just do this??)  (Oh yeah, they did.  BACK IN SEPTEMBER.)

It's time for haircuts and new school picture shirts, apparently.

So when I went to look at what my purchasing options were for the spring pictures, I was a bit, uh....*horrified*.

(I alwaysalwaysalways buy school pictures.  Granted, it's usually the cheapest package possible, but still.  There is nothing quite so "special" as a goony school picture to place proudly on one's mantel, don't you think?)

Can I just ask you this?


Now call me quaint.  Call me old-fashioned.  Call me boring.  I happen to LIKE a plain background.  If only to show off even more my child's dazzling face and sparkling grin.  Heh.

You guys, THIS is what I had to choose from:

Um...just no.  WAY too scribbly.

Hello?  It's a frigging school picture, NOT an Andy Warhol painting. 

What the hell???!!!

Yes, my boyz would look so pretty standing there.

I give up, School Picture People.  But you're not getting any of my money this time.



Disclaimer:   I don't mean to offend.  If you happen to like these funky backgrounds and actually voluntarily choose them for your school pictures *full body shiver*, I'm sure your little Johnny or Sally looks TOTALLY CUTE standing there with all that crap in the background.  Really.


Erica M said...

No offense taken. Those are crazy backgrounds. How can we dress the kids to stand out from them? We can't.

Patois42 said...

I've never heard of having spring pictures taken for school. So glad that trend hasn't hit untrendy California.

Shell said...

Oh, our schools must use the same company- b/c that is what I had to choose from for my kindergartener.

Now, my preschooler's spring pics? ADORABLE! Plain blue backgroud, with him holding a baby bunny. (shameless plug for you to go take a look at my post from yesterday)

Life As I Know It said...

I never do the spring you point out here, for some reason the spring ones have wacky backgrounds. Plus, I don't need two school pics in one year...

Kate said...

You're hilarious Sarah! I couldn't agree more...those backgrounds are hideous, and I would personally be embarrassed to display them in my tastefully (I think) decorated home. My daughter just started kindergarten, and I was pleasantly surprised at how her school's photography studio took the pictures. They posed the kids OUTSIDE with beautiful trees in the background. Her picture turned out fabulous!! It made me wish I had ordered more (I had gotten the smallest package, expecting cheesiness.) Why can't all the photographers do that?

beenomom said...

They did have some funky backgrounds to choose from this year didn't they?

Some of them for a girl weren't too bad but obviously not for your boyz!

Just so you know, in Fifth grade they don't do school pics anymore so you won't have to worry about that soon!
Then if you want pics you'll have to splurge on professional pics from there on out!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I wouldn't give them my money either. I always make the people at portrait innovations nuts because I won't try any background but white. I have three kids four and under people! We have a ten second window in which everyone will sit still to take the picture. I can't fool around with backgrounds!

Jen said...

This is SO funny b/c I feel the same way and wanted to write a post about this but you beat me.

Julie said...

We had the same choices and they are AWFUL!! They are seriously going to lose money this way!

TerriG said...

Funny post, I am already done with school, soccer, baseball and all the other photos. I feel the same way as you. The portrait one is just plain weird.

BTW see you at BBCBOS, Terri G.

Making It Work Mom said...

So we opted out of those choices this year as well. Though my son did lament the fact that there was no flame background like he had last year (in a moment of insanity I let my children choose their own backgrounds last year figuring it would reflect their personalities -he obviously felt strongly about the flames). When pressed my son couldn't even find a background he felt comfortable with.
So no spring school pictures - there is always next year.

Bobbie said...

I think our elementary school only did spring pictures one time (my boys are 17 and 20 now and I can't remember much), and the only "fairly" normal choice I could take was the one with them leaning against a fake tree....

MommaKiss said...

Not a fan of squiggly or fancy. I prefer white. Or black, I guess. Plain I mean.



Rebecca said...

omg...those are horrible. i thought it was getting bad when it looked like a laser light show was going on, but this is ridiculous.

Cheryl Lage said...

Bleecch. There was a skit on SNL some years back and they put the kids' face in a brandy snifter...that was a skit. This is scarily real.

Gimme the blue of grey boring Olan Mills ANYDAY over that!


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