Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Beginner's Guide to Running - Outdoor Temperatures

Now that the weather has been warming up here in New England, I actually have to stop and think more about my running attire.

Because in winter?  It's FRIGGING cold. I simply bundle up

In summer?  Easy.  Running shorts/skirt/capris and a jog bra.

Spring weather is fickle.  And so am I when it comes to what to wear with the constantly fluctuating temperatures.  Because there's nothing worse than being uncomfortable and overheated during a run.

When my Sis came to visit, she gave me this advice that I swear I had NEVER HEARD BEFORE and I totally could not believe I had NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE:

*Dress for 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.*


It's 40 out?  Dress for 60.  Pants/capris and long sleeve running tee with jog bra underneath.  If it gets too hot, tie the shirt around your waist.

It's 50 out?  Dress for 70.  Short sleeve shirt.

Genius, I say.  Pure genius!

And a huDge help for those 5am runs when I would have no clue what to wear!

(Did you already know this valuable bit of wisdom?  And why did I NOT?!)


Kristi - Moms Own Words said...

Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to stop in and say that it was great to meet you last night at Brook Stone! Looking forward to following your blog and hope to get together for some other event soon!

justme said...

i use the runners world - you type in the temp and wind and it gives you what you should wear.

Claire {Beaktweets} said...

i'm just trying to get consistent with running again now that the weather is nicer. this is really helpful. thanks!

Keegan said...

I;m not a runner, but I heard somewhere that if you are comfortable when you leave the house, go back in a take something off because you will be too warm in a minute.

Kami said...

I just posted today that after a brief (and by brief I mean rawther extended) hiatus from running, I ready to get back in the saddle. Just reading this post has further inspired me. Thank God, 'cause I need all the inspiration I can get.

Jennifer said...

I can't believe that *I* knew this and you didn't!

Of course, I just learned this handy tip, but still.

Katie said...

When I run in the dark (read: 5:00 am) I dress for only 10 degrees warmer...40 degrees when it's sunny feels a lot warmer than 40 when it's pitch black! :)


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